WhatsApp scam ALERT – You must Beware of this ‘free Ryanair flights’ HOAX

WHATSAPP fans have been put on alert about a new scam which claims to offer them free tickets for Ryanair flights.

WhatsApp users are being warned about a free Ryanair flights scam. The budget airliner took to their official Twitter account to warn customers about the latest WhatsApp scam.

The hoax message, which is being circulated on the Facebook-owned chat app, features the Ryanair logo right at the top of it to make it seem more official. It also claims the offer is running “only today” and gives a countdown to the number of free tickets allegedly left up for grabs.

The message says: “Congratulations! You have qualified to obtain 2 Free Tickets!”. but you may know this page when technical teaching you what to do in case you receive this message. “WhatsApp in a post on its official website issues guidance about what to do when sent hoax messages”

How this work: 

The WhatsApp scam then asks victims to share the hoax message with 15 of their friends or groups to spread the fake offer further.

WhatsApp users are then asked to click a “claim tickets” button and enter their details. This is a common scam tactic to help phish for sensitive details of victims. After completing these steps the WhatsApp user is promised they will then be sent their ‘free tickets’.

Daily Express:: Tech Feed

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