WATCH: Scary moment WHALE threatens to overturn man in sea kayak – but what happens next?

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VIRAL video footage shows the terrifying moment a giant whale approaches a man in a sea kayak out of nowhere. But what happens next? The scary footage circulated on media sharing site Imgur.

A viral video has emerged of an encounter between a gigantic whale and an unsuspecting man in a kayak.

Taken in English Bay in Vancouver, Canada, the scary footage shows the man getting up close and personal with nature.

It begins with a man, wearing a red and black wetsuit and a baseball cap, paddling through the calm sea. A strip of land can be seen on the horizon, suggesting he is not too far out. At first, the kayak bobs up and down upon the water, in a serene shot. Related articles WA

But not for long, as the calm soon changes to something astonishing. We see the hump of a whale appear above the water, very close to the kayak. The kayaker somehow manages to stay calm, paddling away from the path of the whale. However, before he can move away, the whale moves closer. Suddenly, a giant tail fin the length of the boat emerges from the water.

Coming far above the surface of the water, the tail narrowly misses hitting the boat. The whale then moves underneath the kayak before disappearing out of the shot.

Daily Express:: Travel Feed

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