the walking dead 2019 season 9 episode 15 what characters die?

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the walking dead season 9 episode 15

What characters killed and decapitated by Whisperers in Robert Kirkman’s comic book? twd The penultimate new episode of the ninth season of “The Walking Dead” was the scene of the death of 10 characters from the Allied communities, although they were not the same as the comic.

The Calm Before ‘

(walking dead 2019 season 9 episode 15), the penultimate chapter the walking dead season 9, one of the most tragic moments of the comics of Robert Kirkman was captured in the series of AMC: The die of some members of the group of Allied communities. However, in the television series only the heads of 10 people were hung, while in the graphic novel were 12, moreover, the only character who died in both versions was Tammy Rose.

After infiltrating the fair that took place in the Kingdom and facing his daughter, Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Whisperers kidnapped, killed, decapitated and impaled Ozzy, Alek, D. J, Frankie, Tammy, Rodney, Adeline, Enid (Katelyn Nacon), Tara ( Alanna Masterson), Henry (Matt Linz).


But How were the first victims of Whisperers chosen? Showrunner Angela Kang and producer Greg Nicotero explained their reasons in an interview with Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter.
“You Know, there were many conversations about it, because it is challenging to decide who dies, and every time there is a death in the show, sometimes it is only related to history, sometimes, as with Andy (LINCOLN), is because they’re a personal factor ,” Kang said to EW .

“There Are contractual things. There Are Full sorts of things that follow. In This case, we love all our actors. Some of the people who are in those pikes, we knew from the moment we threw them that they were going to be in the pikes. We Specified Brett Butler as Tammy knowing that she would end up in that series, she added.

Kang continued, “Other characters have been with us for a while. And I felt that, for the various roles that were there, for example, Tara, like the Hilltop leader, with whom Alpha has something against,

there is a kind of sense and a feeling of retribution specifically with that death. And Then some people almost feel at random. And then you understand that there are people who end up in danger.
By the fact of trying to be heroic, like the DJ and those ‘ Road Men.”



According to the tendency of the Walking Dead to deviate from the comics, the reasoning behind the deaths was “really a mix of things,” Kang explained. “consequently we think that, with Alpha, in some way, this is an act of terrorism. And What happens is that it’s terrifying because sometimes you don’t understand exactly how or why you chose your exact victims.

walking dead 2019

Also, there are certain stories that we are planning for the future, and that is why we have sometimes exchanged characters for those reasons. ”

“Obviously, in doing this program, sometimes we are adapting very directly to the comic book, but we also deviate, and we all know that’s part of the deal with the program. We prefer to pay homage to the comic and also aspire to put those little Easter eggs for comic fans.

For the usual viewers, it’s just: ‘ Oh, maybe Ezekiel is going to die or not,’ but for a comic book fanatic, it means something different, and that’s why it gives them a little time to speculate while they watch the show, which we think is fun. ”

For his part, Nicotero told THR that “there a lot behind the decisions of who goes and who does not. Even the beginning of the season, when we knew that the sequence coming, everyone always told Christian (Serratos, who plays Rosita) and Khary (Payton, who gives life to King Ezekiel): ‘ The heads are here! Here He comes! ‘ But It’s always about what these moments and these deaths due to other characters that catapult them forward. ”

“As regards Henry and his relationship with Carol, Daryl, and Ezekiel… There is a particular reason to lose it “added Nicotero. “In Terms of other characters? Tara became a leader once Jesus died (Tom Payne). She was showing some real authority and leadership at Hilltop. Ultimately, it is an organic decision, the way it evolves, as the relationship between Enid and Alden (Callan McAuliffe), you see a romance in its beginnings, where people are becoming what makes them the best, like Tara. In Many cases, some people find these realizations. In other cases, it brutally extirpated from them. “

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