😲 twd seasons 9 episode 15 The Simpsons ‘predicted the death of survivors’

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twd seasons 9 episode 15:’ The Simpsons ‘predicted the death of survivors’ review with Spoilers

‘The Calm Before’: The Simpsons did it again?

Did They do It again? Homer and Company had already shown the deaths of the survivors at the hands of Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers.

It is Not the first time that “The Simpsons ” “predict” some facts of history or series plots in their chapters. It has happened several times, and the fans commented that Homer and his family have some gift. This time, they predicted what was going to happen with The Walking Dead.

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The last Sunday premiered the walking dead season 9 episode 15: ‘ The Calm Before,’ the terrifying episode of the FOX series that left no words to all fans. Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, had no mercy on the survivors and ended up killing ten of them.

In The Walking Dead 9×15: ‘ The Calm Before ‘ we saw as Daryl and company ran into a weird panorama. At the ‘ frontier ‘ there were 10 stakes and at their ends, riveted heads. Among The dead are Ozzy, Alek, DJ, Frankie, Tammy Rose, Addy, Rodney, Tara, Enid, and Henry.

A Fan page of the series, “The Walking Dead 2019,” made a unique publication where Homer appeared with Marge, who see several heads stuck in a stake. “The Simpsons ” Re-predict the future “You can read in the publication that it became viral in a matter of hours.

Did it happen Again? Even If It sounds crazy, it’s true. The episode belongs to Season 19 and premiered last year. However, there is a gross mistake in this. The chapter of “The Simpsons ” did not have any reference to “The Walking Dead ” But to one of his rival series, “Game of Thrones.”

The image is no longer comic because it has amused the fans of both series.


  • You Can See the season end of “The Walking Dead” season 9 on Sunday, March 31, 2019.
  • In the next episode of “The Walking Dead,” the survivors of Alexandria and Hilltop must decide because, in the face of an imminent storm, they must cross the territory of Alpha.

“walking dead 2019 ” 9×15: our review with Spoilers

In 9 years, “The Walking Dead” has had ups and downs when it comes to adapt the original comic, which week by week brings the problem of SPOILers: those who read the original material, can hardly be surprised by what happens on TV.

That motivates production to make changes, usually with details that do not affect the main story of the comic. In the episode of this Sunday, “The Calm Before,” one before the end of the season, to say that there were only slight modifications would be insufficient.

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As communities refuse to hand over Lydia (Cassady McClincy), Alpha (Samantha Morton) infiltrates the Kingdom fair for their interests. The episode began with an unusual scene: the flashback to an unknown couple on their arrival at Hilltop.

Alpha kills them without mercy, which was already a sign that something terrible was going to happen. The first half of the episode reinforces this by doing the opposite: It shows the survivors very happy, prepared for a bright future.

A few years Ago I read the comic book that adapted this arc and I thought I could not be surprised to get to the screen, but the final minutes of “The Calm Before” was the most stressful I’ve seen in “The Walking Dead ” Since the death of Glenn and Abraham at the start of the Sépti Season MA.

Finding logic in Alpha’s plans is no longer meaningful. Unlike other antagonists, she behaves more like a beast. Instinct before brains, even if their plans threaten to destroy their community because of how risky they are.

walking-dead-2019But Unlike animals, Alpha has malice, and that led her to select most of her victims.
To prevent The Kingdom, Alexandria, and Hilltop from approaching their group, Alpha draws a border with 10 stakes. And on each stake, ahead: Tara, Enid, Tammy, and several other survivors. We Do Not see this frontier until it is too late when the characters have already known their final destination off-screen, their deaths as inevitable.
Henry’s head (Matt Lintz) is also there.

Of Course, Carol (Melissa McBride) is devastated. Daryl accompanies her, as well as in Season 2 when they all found out that among the barn zombies was Sophia.

Alpha’s victims were well-chosen: teenagers, recent adoptive mothers, leaders, a doctor’s apprentice. Enough to unbalance the brief peace in this world. But This act of violence does not cause immediate retaliation, for “The Walking Dead” takes the time to mourn the dead.

It would have been Easy to put the screen in black and pass the credits, but Siddiq, a witness of the tragedy, tells its version. And then Lydia says goodbye to Henry in the place where they found his head. But neither she nor Daryl, who guards her, cross the border.

Most likely in the next episode, “The Storm ” (season finale), as well as in season 10, the expected war against the Whisperers occurs; Where the sea of zombies that Alpha threatens to unleash will play a key role. Meanwhile, there’s the pain.

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