Top 04 Male Enhancement Exercises That do Work

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Average Penis Girth

Know incredible details of the virile member that should consider for a pleasant encounter with your partner

The length and girth linked to virility and masculinity; however, it proved that it is not the most important thing during sex. Despite this, many people between men and women prefer larger sized sex organs.
But are there male enhancement Exercises? How to increase penile girth? How to get more girth fast? It is possible to increase penis girth, We present you the best male enhancement exercises to increase penile girth faster?


1. Stretching with weights

it sounds painful and is. This exercise is about tying loads to the penis and letting them hang. According to the story, the samurai used this technique to increase length and girth the member and make sure you have the best sex with your partners.

2. Natural penis Exercises to get a bigger girth

It consists of tightening and stretching the penis with your hand helping with a lubricant. You must repeat it for about 4 or 5 minutes and finally move the penis in circles to relax it. Natural penis exercises promise that men offer a great night of sex. excellent male enhancement exercises.

3. Jelquing exercises

jelqing for girth, but how to jelq for girth?  this is the best method, according to several Internet portals, to increase the size of the member and that man is a “stallion” during sex because of increase penile girth. This routine begins by wrapping the penis with a warm, damp towel, using some lubricant or oil, stroking it until the erection increases and finally moving the penis upward with a slight pressure to stop the grip before it reaches the glans.

By: Elite Manliness

4. Kegel exercises:

This exercise will improve the quality of the pelvic floor and the angle of erection to elevate the pleasure during sex.
Although these exercises, collected by the portal, serve to strengthen the muscles of the male genital area, there is no scientific evidence to confirm that these routines change the size of the penis. Also, remember that the important thing during sex is not the size, but the attitude and trust. and you will see a penis girth increasing as result.


(photo source: MDCH.ORG)

Did you know that?
A curious fact is that there are huge penises, but also of tiny sizes. The record of the largest virile member is John Falcon, of New York, with a volume of 34.9 centimeters; While the smallest has been 5 centimeters.


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