who is the woman on the radio at season 9 episode 16 ending?

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“The Walking Dead: Who is the woman on the radio at season 9 episode 16 ending? What is known

The Walking Dead: Who is the woman on the radio? | Watch Out, spoiler alert. “The Walking Dead” season finale left a big mystery open for the next installment of the Zombie series.

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The Walking Dead: Who is the woman on the radio? | WATCH OUT, SPOILER ALERT. The end of the ninth season of “The Walking Dead” marked by a snowstorm and by a radio communication that, for the moment, no member of the Allied communities have been able to hear.

In the last scene of ‘ The Storm ‘ ( season 9 episode 16 ), the 15th and last episode of the ninth season of ‘ The Walking Dead ‘, after the removal of the survivors from the Kingdom to Hilltop, Ezekiel spoke to Judith about the latest events, including the Hope to return someday home, but when both retire, someone unidentified responds from another signal.

Who is it? Now, it’s only known that it is a woman, although some names can be suspected.

In principle, Eugene had dedicated the latest episodes to building a community-Based communication system that worked at least for Hilltop and Alexandria, but also for the unknown woman.

Who is it? In conversation with Comicbook.com, the showrunner Angela Kang only advanced that the identity of this person “will an important aspect” of the tenth season of “The Walking Dead ” Where “we get answers.”

WHO RESPONDED TO THE COMMUNICATION FROM HILLTOP in walking dead season 9 episode 16?


In the comics, Eugene’s radio allows Allied communities to contact the Commonwealth and the first person to respond is a woman named Stephanie.

In The original story, Eugene holds secret conversations with the survivors of this group until he discovered by Siddiq, and once Rick Grimes finds out about it all, they organize an expedition to Ohio to find out how prosperous the Commonwealth is.

Commonwealth is a community of 50,000 survivors, led by Pamela Milton, who bears a great resemblance to Georgie, the woman Maggie went to.

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While the events of “Fear the Walking Dead” occur some years ago concerning the “The Walking Dead,” at least in its previous season, you can not discard a new jump in time for its fifth installment, which will be released this June 2. If so, as the characters of “Fear ” had also developed a radio system, the voice could be of Alicia or of one of her companions. (are The characters from “Fear the Walking Dead” close to the “The Walking Dead “? (walking dead on amc)


Rick Grimes evacuated by helicopter by a group of which nothing known. Is it a Commonwealth? It Could be, although it cannot rule out that the series uses comic radio to introduce another community that could be the one that hosts Rick since his unexpected departure. Is this the new community of Rick Grimes?

Rick will not return to the TV version of “The Walking Dead,” but this could be an excellent way to relate the drama to the movies starring Andrew Lincoln. Who knows? Perhaps It could also be the excuse to facilitate the farewell of Michonne, after confirmation that the tenth season will be the last of Danai Gurira.


walking dead Maggie Was It Maggie’s voice? walked away from Hilltop to follow Georgie, Maggie’s not known. Maybe This is your first sign of life from ¿Commonwealth?
Now, communication could also have emerged from some source that we cannot yet imagine.

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When would season 10 of “The Walking Dead” release? The 10th season of “The Walking Dead” would release in October 2019 by AMC in The United States.

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