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A simple but powerful way to help you get ready for your next trip abroad!

Travel Risk Planning System is a travel risk management tool to prevent international health risks. It was developed by the World Health Organization in collaboration with other partners and has been used to develop national policies, plans, and strategies on infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS. The TRPS provides an integrated approach that can be applied at different levels: from individual travelers’ behavior through destination selection; to country-level policy development and implementation. This framework comprises five components:

  1. Pre-departure information gathering
  2. Travel history
  3. Destination assessment
  4. Post-arrival surveillance
  5. Management of identified cases.

The TRPS includes two–primary tools a traveller questionnaire, which collects data about potential exposures during travel, and a disease screening form. Both are available online or via mobile phone applications. It has successfully implemented in over 100 countries worldwide.

It provides an easy way to plan and prepare your trips every step of the way. Our software helps you to be prepared with all necessary information before you take off. Keep yourself safe from any sicknesses, ailments, or accidents by choosing the right destination, making sure the best vaccinations are taken and avoiding risky areas.
A successful business trip or a holiday is a matter of careful planning and preparation. It must take a lot of factors into account, from the best hotel accommodations to your destination, from the most reasonable transportation to the correct medical insurance plan for your family. You can’t get organized easily if you don’t have all the information. That’s where Travel Risk Planning System comes in handy. This unique software is designed to provide you with all necessary information before you take off, taking care of your health and safety before you step on that plane or board that bus.

Part of a wider medical information management system that includes a powerful database and a dedicated Health Information System, the Travel Risk Planning System will help you get organized.
It offers the possibility to manage all the risks associated with your trip or vacation, including vaccinations, cleanliness, or food preferences. You can pre-plan for any potential urgent acts of help that might arise while on the go.

Its topical reports help you be informed about health risks you might encounter in the place of visit. All of this is thanks to pre-planned destination profiles and lists of specific diseases or disease risk factors for each country or area of interest which are stored in an easy-to-use database mechanism with a personal user interface..
It also offers an easy-to-use reference front end for you to access your information even while on the move.
You can use the Travel Risk Planning System for anyone who wishes to avoid possible insults like diarrhea, stomach problems, food poisoning, or other potential health risks while traveling abroad. It further aids in easy preparation for any kind of vacation or business trip.

But Travel Risk Planning System is not supposed to be used solely for medical concerns. You can use it for any type of travel involving health risk factors. For example, if you are traveling to a high-risk area like the Middle East, Africa, or Asia.

Since this software helps you to be prepared for any type of emergency, you can use it in case you encounter one. And when it works with a high-quality emergency response team such as the global medical response unit (GMERU), your trip will surely go off without a hitch.

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