“Stranger Things” Adapted to the comic”: Dark Horse and Netflix Announce

The Stranger Things

“Stranger things,” Netflix’s success and cultural phenomenon that put the decade of 80 into vogue, will no longer be an exclusive story on television. Soon there will be new ways for you to experience the world of strange things. Among them are books, a video game, and now a line of comics.
It was confirmed that Netflix has allied with Darkhorse to create a printed version, “A new series of comics.” The first four-issue series starts in September 2018.

is Stranger Things on Netflix.

“Dark Horse is known for championing stories and storytellers,” explained Dark Horse President and Founder Mike Richardson. “We are so excited to work with Netflix to bring the world of Stranger Things to comics.

The script of the comic “Stranger Things ” will be in charge of the writer Jody Houser, while Stefano Martino will make the illustrations and the finalization of art is on behalf of Keith Champagne. The group of artists completed by colorist Lauren Affe and lyricist Nate Piekos.
While we saw what was going on in Hawkins after will Bryers’s disappearance to the Upside Down in the first season, we never knew what happened to Will.
But that’s going to change with the release of these comics. A 4-emission miniseries that will give us a glimpse of Will’s experience, and what happened while I was trapped in the Upside Down.
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Netflix announced that a handful of books were on the way. These include a companion book of behind-the-scenes, a gift book, and a prequel to the series. Will give us a glimpse of Eleven’s mother, Terry, and her connection to the MK Ultra program.
Last week, Telltale also revealed that he is working on a game based on stranger things.

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“‘ Stranger Things #1 ‘ (four deliveries) follows will Byers as he enters a universe of decay and destruction, where he must use his wits to circumvent the persecution of the Demogorgon and escape the world from the reverse.
Stranger things #1 will be available on September 26th.

Source:  Entertainment Weekly

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