Smartphones And Tablets Could Damage mental and physical Health In Kids

Damage caused by excessive use of mobile phones, tablets, and computers
Effects on vision, column, ear and mental health. Specialists argue that poor posture, concentration on screens and excessive use of hearing aids would cause irreversible damage. Children, youth and adults suffer future health problems.

Stunning results after researchers look at effects of cell phones on kids

The world of Mariel A. v. (15) Revolves around its iPhone. Check the Facebook, talk to WhatsApp with several friends and listen to music with their headphones. That’s how they spend their days.

Researchers from San Diego State University and the University of Georgia say time spent on smartphones is a serious but avoidable cause of mental health issues.

‘Half of the mental health problems develop by adolescence,’ professors Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell said.

also, While staring at the iPhone, it almost always adopts the same posture: bowed head and thumbs moving agilely. Sometimes he rubs his eyes and stretches his body.

Thousands of young people and adults repeat that routine. In the case of children, as soon as they leave school, they look for their parents ‘ cell phones.

The problem is that this new style of “social life “, through cell phones, tablets, or others, can carry physical damage to the spine, eyes, and ears.

A mobile phone can cause neck pain and back pain

It is easy to find people on the street with a bowed head and hunched back. This is a position called kyphotic, classic among those who review these devices.

The rehabilitation physician, Ricci Álvarez, explains that this posture can only be adopted for 5 minutes. To maintain that inclination for one or two hours is to expose itself to a cervicalgia, backache or dorsalgia, that cause pains from the neck to the last vertebra of the spine.

“Bad postures cause muscle pain. If it persists in that position, the back pain will become a contracture “he said.

According to the specialist, if a structured kyphosis reached, the spine will never return to its natural state.

“Patients are now getting younger and even children. Her parents are bringing them back for pains in her spine, “he said.

Only an X-ray will help determine how advanced the kyphosis is. The younger the patient, the recovery prognosis is more likely, but a series of exercises will be needed to strengthen the spine.

Pains Watch Your Eyes

how do the hearing aids work
Children and the Technology

Per minute, people should blink between 18 and 20 times, but people exposed to the screens, decrease this process up to three times, as mentioned by Ophthalmologists.

Why is it essential to blink? This movement generates tears, the nourishment of the corneas. Not doing so makes a dry eye which brings, as a result, the irritation of the sight, the sensation of foreign bodies in the eyes and intolerance to light.

For adults or young people, the specialist recommends that after 40 minutes in front of screens rest 5 minutes. “In that period you should blink as much as you can, close your eyes or look as far as possible to the computer “.

These simple exercises seek to give rest to the accommodating system of the eye, whose property is to focus the images carefully and far.

But the children’s eyes are much more sensitive. Pens recommend that at most they are exposed to these devices 02 hours a day.

“In the long run, the youngest can develop accommodating myopia by having the device very close to the eyes. The evil could be permanent, and the child would have to wear lenses “he warned.

The most dangerous thing is that these screens “emit a blue fraction ultraviolet radiation” that can generate adverse effects on the macula of the retina of the child. This would alter the central vision that is a specific function to see details and serves to read and recognize faces.

This early wear will cause visual problems since the 50 years when it would be logical to 70.

“Lead author Dr. Jean Twenge, from San Diego State University, said: ‘Compared with previous generations, teens in the 2010s spent more time online and less time with traditional media, such as books, magazines, and television.”

Can cell phone damage your ear?

can cell phone damage your heart

Cell phones also led to greater use of hearing aids. specialist warned that these should only be used 30 minutes a day, but time long exceeded. The ideal volume is 85 decibels, but the youngsters exceed 100.

“Excessive use of these appliances will cause irreversible damage. The sound waves directly impact the eardrums and kill the ciliated cells of the inner ear “.

That way, people will record early hearing loss. “At 40 years, its meaning will be as of a person of 60 “.

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