Berlin is celebrating the United Berlin, an event dedicated to all developments that made with the Unity engine. This engine as we know several games use it, is compatible with several devices and consoles, like the hybrid of Nintendo. At the event conference, several developers talk about their upcoming creations, and apparently, one of those forthcoming creations is a Nintendo Switch version of Shadowgun Legends, the game of the genre shooter RPG released earlier for mobile devices.
Not many details have offered, but it is known that this version will try to go to 60fps and include a new cooperative mode and 200 missions. The release date is not yet known.
While we wait, we leave you with the description of the mobile version.

Currently, the game can purchase for IOS and Android


The title that is breaking the statistics in the IOS and Android stores will come to Nintendo Switch soon.
So announced Madfinger games, a company that developed Shadowgun Legends. And although its release date has not yet unveiled; The advent of this title to the Nintendo Hybrid console pleased many fans.
Shadowgun Legends offers several game modes, among them we have: a campaign, cooperative modes, PVP (Player vs. player) and an inner world (to meet people and form clans).
Besides, this title also has RPG features, as it features weapons, armor, unique items and of course, an incredible gameplay experience. Do not doubt that TEC will bring you more news soon.


Shadowgun Legends

Came to IOS and Android in March of the current year. In this sense, the production of Madfinger games landed on both platforms and, therefore, was held with a respective launch trailer, a practice that is now again emulated in a similar way to celebrate an unpublished announcement allusive to the work: will come to Nintendo Switch with its massive amount of weapons, armor and speedy combat modes.
Thus, the company has released the landing of its FPS to the nintendo dc console. However, users of the Japanese device will have to wait until an uncertain date because, for the time being, we only know that it will arrive “soon.” Because of this, these players will have to entertain of the shooter with touches RPG through the publication as mentioned above, whose appreciation, despite the brevity of the video, is advisable to glimpse how it will work its proposal.

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