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 Sekiro shadows die twice Review

The corrupt Monk that dies 3 times

The Shadows Die Twice I got hooked a lot. In that demo, I focused on the first part and the hidden area, so I did not reach the final boss that everyone was talking about, the happy Corrupt Monk. Fortunately, during the Japan Weekend this weekend, Activision has taken the same demo (really everything they have shown from the game to the public) the fair so that the public can try in advance this new style of play, which is entirely away from what seen in Bloodborne and Dark Souls.


Something that everyone could see was that, despite the mechanics of resuscitation, they would continue to be as challenging as the previous work of the study, although in an entirely different way. I could see This by focusing on my time with the demo solely in the final boss, which offered a difficult fight designed habitues you to the new mechanics of the title, but that, above all, is just spectacular.

This fight takes place on a bridge, so we are not in the sand with excellent maneuverability, having to take into account the width of the bridge and our position, because, if we are not careful, we can not make a dodge backward. Because Yes, the tricks are fundamental in Sekiro, but it is not the essential thing in the combat system.

As you know, no resistance bar restricts our attack and defense movements. Instead, we have a “lock” bar, which tells us what we can block attacks in a normal way. In my previous time with the demo, I did not understand very well this system, but after knowing more about the game (especially thanks to the coverage of Game Informer a few weeks ago), Sekiro took me 73 hours to complete.

I saw that the key in SEKIRO isnot just dodged and block, but also perform a parry at the right time. The idea is to read the opponent’s movements so that our swords (or weapons) collide like in the Samurai movies. This easier said than done because the blockage we have to perform at the last possible moment. If We do, we’ll see some sparks coming out of the swords, as we have made this “shock” so Peliculero, and we will have two additional advantages: our lock bar will not be affected, but the opponent’s eyes.

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This final boss, the important thing is not to end your life bar but to perform an execution. To do this, we have to fill your lock bar, based on attacks and parries. If our lock bar filled, then our Normal blockades will be useless so that we will eat the offense with all of the law. Also, some attacks cannot usually block, so we either perform the Parry or better dodge.
The Corrupt Monk Combos have different ranges and speeds, so making a perfect parry for these gun clashes is more complicated than it may seem initially.

Now, when we do, you get immense satisfaction, and notes just what From Software wants to convey: that we are in an epic fight of a samurai movie. The leaves and branches around us can affected by the attacks, which adds a more cinematic touch to the match yet. It’S something I loved in the gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima, and that I fall in love again in SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice.

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A peculiarity of the boss is that not only has a life bar but has a total of 3. To move from one to another, you have to perform execution by filling your lock bar. If we reduce your life before, you will knock out so that, based on Swords, we can increase your lock bar more efficiently. Yes, if we are only defensive, we will see how its lock bar is shrinking, which forces us to be ready to choose when to attack but without failing to do so.

With each new life bar, the Corrupt Monk will enter a new phase, which means new patterns of attack. Each further step is more challenging than the previous one, increasing its attack frequency and the power of its combos while the music becomes more intense, which grows, once again, the cinematic touch, without taking control of the character at any time.

I will Not deny it, I died many times in the fight, both being able to resurrect to continue fighting, as having to return to the checkpoint. The combat can be even a little more difficult if we depend on the artificial hand of the protagonist, since the ax or the power to throw fire attacks use a consumable that does not recharge with each comeback, unlike the vials of life, which, at the same time, “forces” us to learn how to play as SEKIRO wants.

Consequently, at first, could not perform a good parry, but by the time I managed to defeat the boss, he could do some parry, which combined with some Dodge (two parries followed was my maximum, and in his third attack when he changed the pace of beating, I was bursting), allowed me to keep such a monster at bay.

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What I loved is that verticality also played a vital role in this bout. During the second and third stages, the chief can fill the entire area with fog, to attack us with his shadows, without leaving much room to dodge their attacks, much less counterattack. However, thanks to the hook, we can climb to the treetops of the combat area. Does not mean that we are entirely safe, because their attacks have a great range of action, but they do allow us to dodge them more easily if not We stop jumping like we’re a monkey.

This tactic even will enable us to perform an aerial execution to end one of their life bars instantly, because, if you do not hit us, will be a little exhausted by launching so many attacks, and will be our time to act.

This is another reason why the boss seems so spectacular, and it is a perfect way to finish this demonstration: It is a test for everything that has been able to undergo little by little in the demo, as well as serve as a sample of how different is SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice about the other games from From Software.

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I Already liked SEKIRO: Shadows Died Twice When I tried it in the Gamescom, to be able to see the greater agility concerning Bloodborne and Dark Souls, the verticality and the stealth. However, I stayed with the Thorn nailed to fight the final boss of the demo (again, without having the head of the hidden area, which is to feed apart), and to do so now has left me more delighted with the game.

We Are facing a challenging title, but that rewards his style of fighting the samurai to create clashes between weapons, verticality and our intelligence, as brute force will not take us anywhere. I said, I have barely touched a Dark Souls or Bloodborne, but after this contact with SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice, I have much more desire to try the final version of From Software, as it can be the perfect title for those who are fans of the action without need so many Typical playable restrictions of the Soulsborne. Yes, prepare to die many times, as the shadows will die twice, the corrupt monk three times, but we will do much more.

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