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PlayStation publishes 24 incredible wallpapers to personalize your PS4

The Update for the PS4 came a few days ago, including the ability to customize your wallpaper. Here we leave some ideas.
PlayStation launched the PS4 update 5.50 with various changes for the console and its personalization. Among the many functions, users will now be able to use their images to place them as a background in their PS4.

As a sign of Getting to know their fans, the PlayStation blog also launched a picture gallery next to the update, and users can download 24 incredible images from their favorite games to place them as backgrounds.

However, these images are just some ideas quePlayStation want to make it easier for fans to use this new feature. You will be able to use any image you want, following the steps below.

 how to put a customized background to my PS4?

Many have complained about this new 5.50 update of the PlayStation 4 since the process of placing a custom background is a bit complicated. Here We explain step by step so you can do it yourself:

1. Create a folder in a USB called “Images. ”
2. Enter your PS4 and go to “Settings ”
3. Select “Themes ” from the menu, then go to “Customize ”
4. Choose “Select File ” and use the “USB ” option
5. Select The custom background you want to use.
6. Cut the image to fit as you want and select the Color menu.

ps4 update

How to delete a topic?
If you want to delete a theme, go to Settings > Themes and select the topic you want to remove. Then press the OPTIONS > Delete button. As with the other content purchased, you can download the topic again when you want from the PlayStation 4 Library.

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