Pokemon Go : With’Occlusion’ Technology that improve augmented reality

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Pokémon GO

As you never saw it. Oclusiónhará ‘s new technology that creatures hide behind objects, almost like real life, makes AR Pikachu more realistic than ever

The mobile game Pokémon GO redefined the genre of mobile titles that use augmented reality. Millions of players around the world already enjoy trapping creatures with their cell phones, but the title can still improve.

The developer company has presented occlusion technology. ”The goal is to turn augmented reality into a much more realistic element that it is now. You will be able to hide the virtual object behind objects. Pokemon news

“The recently acquired Matrix Mill team at Niantic has spent years building and perfecting deep neural networks that can infer information about the surrounding world from one or more cameras. This technology redefines how machines see and understand the 3D world and more importantly, how digital objects can interact with the real elements of it. Using computer vision and deep learning we are able to develop techniques to understand 3D space enabling much more realistic Augmented Reality (AR) interactions that are currently possible in Pokemon Go.”

Niantic’s occlusion demo lets Pokemon Pikachu hide behind real-world objects

Pokémon GO works on the new gaming experience. As you can see in the video, the creatures will be able to explore parts of the stage that you point to with the camera. The video game measures the distances of the objects to hide virtual elements.

Once an item placed forward from the virtual object, it will no longer see temporarily. This technology will be used first in a video game called Neon provisionally, and these are the images of the new game Niantic. Pokémon Go more challenging to play in AR mode with glasses would be so fantastic and funny.


“The AR team at Niantic has built new cross-platform AR technology that facilitates high performance shared AR experiences using low-latency AR networking techniques for Pokemon”

imagen how will look like for Pokemon? Amazing

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