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SONY released the complete list of the 20 video games included, A little over a month ago, Sony confirmed the return of their first console to the world’s stores. And since then, it was known that this console would include 20 classic titles to enjoy the nostalgia. Among the titles are “Final Fantasy VII “ and “Tekken 3 “, which forged the glory of the PlayStation.
The Japanese giant group Sony announced on Wednesday, September 19 that will reproduce the first version of its PlayStation but miniaturized console, which will be available around the world, although “in limited quantities”, since December 3.

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The console, renamed “Playstation Classic “, will look the same as the original, “But in miniature size, 45% smaller on the sides and 80% in volume “, the group points out in a statement.

For this reason, the company has just published the complete list of these video games. Which has already provoked the joy of millions of fanatics?

PlayStation classic games list

The 20 PlayStation classic games that will be installed from the factory in the console and will come already included

• Battle Arena Toshinden
• Cool Boarders 2
• Destruction Derby
• Final Fantasy VII
• Grand Theft Auto
• Intelligent Qube
• Jumping Flash!
• Metal Gear Solid
• Mr. Driller
• Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
• Rayman
• Resident Evil Director’s Cut
• Revelations: Person
• Ridge Racer Type 4
• Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
• Siphon Filter
• Tekken 3
• Tom Clancy Rainbow Six
• Twisted Metal
• Wild Arms

This console will be available from December 3rd at a price of approximately $100. Remember that this version is 45% smaller than the original version, so its weight will be 170 grams. Also, you only need USB connection to plug it in and play, no more uncomfortable adapters.

• This list has modified with titles that never left in America and Europe. For example, games include: Act the Lad 1/2, Gradius Gaiden, SaGa Frontier, G Darius, Parasite Eve and Armored Core

Sony points out that the Mini console will sell at a price of 99.99 euros in Europe and 99 dollars in the United States. The number of fabricated consoles not reported.
PlayStation Classic will feature a virtual memory card to save your games. It also includes two connectors: an HDMI cable for the TV and another USB cable.

“PlayStation Classic is perfect for the nostalgic fans of the playstatio (…) as well as for the new players who want to experiment with the classics of the 1990 “, notes the Sony release.

Credit: PlayStation

the Japanese manufacturer is following the trend “vintage ” with Mini consoles, powered by Nintendo, which launched in November 2016 a more compact version of its NES. The following year, he revived his Super Nintendo.

Launched in 1994, the PlayStation consolidated as a reference console at the time.

10 years after its launch, Sony announced it had sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

Since then it has been replaced by three new versions and a PlayStation 5 could go on the market next year.

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