😁😁 When a Guy IS your best friend, 👫 is it okay??

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is it okay to have a guy best friend? YES

 It’s completely normal, Here are reasons why you and your guy friend might be just friends.

Single people who don’t want to date anyone else but each other may never truly be “just friends.” It was never asked again after we answered it once and for all. It’s true most of our closest friends are people who share our gender. So now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s take a look at some tips for dating someone who has been friends since childhood.

he doesn’t just remind you that you’re great — he actually makes sure you know it! He helped you move apartment last year, and he has been making dinners for all your friends at home ever since your boss started ruling with an iron fist. You two obviously share an interest in each other but don’t want anything serious yet.

What’s wrong with that? In fact, according to Dr. Ivankovic, most people who are single today don’t even consider themselves “single” anymore. They’re just not interested in finding someone special right now.

Even if you’re attracted to someone who happens to be good-looking, don’t assume they’ll become your boyfriend just because you find them visually appealing. Since many of the same qualities that we look for in a romantic partner are the same ones we look for in friendships, there may be nothing wrong with finding yourself attracted to someone who isn’t necessarily looking back at you romantically. However, if you’re not sure whether they feel anything towards you, then it might be best to take things slow until you know where their head is at.

You may not be on his relationship “radar” just yet if he sees you only occasionally. He doesn’t want to get too serious so soon after meeting someone new. “I like having fun first,” he explains. “It’s not always easy to tell if something could turn into more.” So when he finds himself attracted to another guy who seems interested, he’ll let him know. But for now, they’re just friends. If he isn’t “ready” for a relationship right now but seems like he could be at some point down the road, he may seem interested, because he appears open to exploring that connection later.

Best Friends boy And Girl

Men don’t always understand women’s body language well enough to know when they’re interested or turned off by them. From his perspective, girls tend to communicate in ways guys aren’t aware of and they’re often too dense for him to understand them. He believes that most girls would rather stay friends with someone who doesn’t know anything about them than risk losing a guy like him. So if she’s not interested, then he’ll just move on. If someone isn’t certain whether they’re interested in you, chances are they aren’t going to take action. Your body language sends out mixed messages.

If you’re not sure whether you really want to get serious with someone, be honest with yourself: Is there something holding you back from moving forward? He might be able to tell if you’re lying. He had been working at his current company for seven years when she joined him there. During their time together, they became friends but didn’t start dating until six months later. What held him back? “A collection of mixed signals, such as missing out on a good night out with friends and then not responding when I text you after hours, could be an indication that something isn’t right.” He doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him when he asks girls for dates; however, he thinks something might be off if he keeps talking to them after their rejection. With her, I just don’t know. “It’s like I’ve built myself up because we’ve been close friends for so long. You’re not sure whether you fit into his life right now.

Even though he may seem interested at first, saying things such as “I’m focused on work” or “I’m just being single for now” could lead him to think that having a serious relationship would interfere with his career. In fact, these statements imply that a good relationship wouldn’t fit well into his life. “It’s so disappointing when we discover that someone who has expressed an interest isn’t available at the moment because they need to ‘focus on themselves.’.” He wants to be part of the conversation but not interrupt the flow.

Even confident men get nervous when they realize that their girlfriend might want them for more than just friendship. They may even feel embarrassed by the idea of pursuing her romantically because she doesn’t seem interested in dating anyone else. In fact, some men who aren’t ready to commit to a relationship don’t pursue women at all. To be honest, if someone tells me something like this, I’ll probably think they’re lying. In addition to that, there’s the whole “I don’t want to be awkward if it doesn’t turn out” thing. It really is scary. If two people who know each other well choose to start dating, it almost never works out. It might be awkward at first but eventually, everyone gets used to it. You may even end up liking him/her better than his/her ex! It doesn’t really matter if you think there’s something wrong with that; just go ahead and say yes anyway.

If you feel it with a friend, then it might be worthwhile considering whether to take action now. Boston-based dating expert Neely Steinberg encourages single women to pursue friendships before they pursue relationships. “If you find yourself attracted to someone who happens to be your friend,” she explains, “then go for it.” She adds that pursuing friendships could help you get closer to finding true love because having an existing bond between two people makes things easier when one person wants to date another. “The foundation for a relationship has been laid down already.”

advantages of having a guy best friend

Here’s why having a guy best friend is better than having a boyfriend.

  • He’ll honestly
  • If he doesn’t know, he’ll ask you. If he still doesn’t get it, he’ll make you take it off and try again. When you’re having a bad day, he won’t judge you or play favorites. He’ll be there for you no matter how bad your mood is. And when you need someone to talk to, he’s always willing to listen. You can trust him with anything because you know he’ll keep his word.
  • You don’t have to force anything. You don’t need to pretend to like something he hates just because you’re trying to be polite.
  • he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you something that isn’t true.
  • You can order anything you like for dinner.
  • He might not like seeing you naked though.
  • He really likes you because he thinks you’re cool!
  • Don’t force things.
  • You don’t have to text like an idiot just because everyone else does.
  • Don’t worry about annoying him.

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