MONSTER HUNTER Exclusive Photo From the Video Game Movie Starring Milla Jovovich

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We bring you a new exclusive image of Monster Hunter, the next real action movie produced by Screen Gems based on the famous game franchise of Capcom.
The image you will find under these lines shows us Milla Jovovich in the role of the heroine of the tape, Natalie Artemis, an original character that does not come out in the games, and Tony Jaa as the hunter. Screen Gems has also published an official synopsis for the film: “After our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that control their domains with deadly ferocity. When Lieutenant Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and his loyal soldiers transported from our world to the New World, the imperturbable lieutenant receives the shock of his life. In a desperate battle for his survival against monstrous enemies with incredible and unparalleled powers, Artemis must join a mysterious man who has found a way to fight them.

The hunter of Jaa carries a greatsword and a great bow of the hunter. As you can guess from his attire, the hunter look inspired by the leader of the Monster Hunter World field team.


Jovovich’s Artemis has a pair of unidentified dual swords in his backpack, a knife in his calf, and a slinger on his arm, a piece of equipment that Jovovich already showed in a recent Instagram post.
In a phone interview with the set in South Africa, Monster Hunter director Paul W.S. Anderson told IGN that although Artemis is an original character, his armor, and all the equipment in the film, is extracted directly from the games.
“The beauty of the costumes and landscapes of the Monster Hunter game shown in that picture, ” said Anderson of our exclusive photo.

The Artemis breast piece inspired by the portion of breast Odogaron in Monster Hunter World. (You can see the similarity in the engraved design). Anderson said the Artemis suit does not match a character that the player personalizes with different pieces of equipment.

“She is the player, somehow, is the avatar of the audience, her way into the world, ” said Artemis Anderson.

monster hunter worldThe location seen in the photo is the Atlantis dunes of South Africa, which Anderson says he chose by his resemblance to the wilderness of needles of the games. Anderson, “A long-time fan of the game,” warned us that the movie would have multiple topographic locations.

“We will immerse ourselves in rocky landscapes too, we leave the desert and become rockier. There is a good part of the film that is set underground as well, in terrifying caves, “said Anderson. “There is a more exuberant part of the movie, which reflects the most jungle look of Monster Hunter World. Moreover, the climax of the film developed in a part of an ancient civilization that referred to many times in the Monster Hunter games. “
Anderson continued,”Β The idea that there was an ancient civilization that existed in the deep parts, in which, when you play games, you sometimes find yourself ruined by their civilization, an advanced civilization that reached its destruction. One of those sets of ruins in the bottom of the final act of the film.

So it’s a very varied landscape. That is, you are not going to visit as many scenarios as you would visit if you played 50 hours at Monster Hunter World, but I think, for a two-hour movie, you’re going to have an amazing trip with incredible images. ”

Anderson and Jovovich, of course, are not strangers to Capcom’s video game adaptations, having brought to the big screen previously the Resident Evil franchise. In addition to Jovovich and JAA, Monster Hunter will also appear in the film Meagan Good, a.i., Diego Boneta and Ron Perlman.

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