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money can’t buy happiness but…

In many ways money can buy happiness, according to a number of studies. Spending money on experiences that align with your own values can elevate your potential for overall happiness. You already know the saying: money can’t buy happiness, though. It turns out, however, that is not completely true. Money can purchase a certain amount of life happiness, based on how lavishly you spend it and how well you manage it. If you are like most people, however, money can buy little or nothing at all.

can money buy happiness research study:

  • According to psychologist and writer Dr. David Puts, there are three basic needs that money can buy. These are basic survival needs, non-monetary wealth, and aesthetic beauty. Dr. Putt, who is a psychologist and sex therapist, says that money can’t buy happiness because it cannot be owned. He also says that money is only important if you use it to support your own needs, which include basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, and health care.


“Money may not be the key to happiness, but it is important to have enough of it,” he states.

Psychologist Bryan-Podvin says that although money can buy happiness, it’s not necessarily the most important thing that you should be focused on. “Money may help you feel better, but it will not make you happier in the long run,” he says. On the other hand, experts say that spending money can make you more happy if you focus on making good choices and earning money in the future. They also say that you will be able to buy more things if you put your money into investments.

Dr. Puts, says: it all depends on the individual, but he believes that you can use money to achieve certain goals and fulfill basic needs. “Your basic needs might include shelter, food, and health care, so the money you spend on these necessities could improve your life and make you happier,” he says. However, Dr. Bryan-Podvin cautions against spending money to achieve goals that are not important to you. “When you choose to have a goal-oriented perspective, money becomes a secondary or even tertiary motivator.”

According to psychologist and sex researcher Dr. Steven Hendlin, money can buy happiness, but not in the way that putting thinks. “Happiness is not the product of money,” he states. “Money can make you feel good, and some people believe that it does, but money will never make you happy. True happiness comes from personal values, talents, skills, and connections, not from earning money.” According to Dr. Hendlin, money can buy happiness, but it cannot make you happy.

Dr. B.J. Podvin, a financial planner and professor at Villanova University, you can save money and still be unhappy. “It all depends on how you use it,” says B.J. “If you’re someone who splurge on items that other people wouldn’t notice, then money probably won’t make you miserable, but if you’re conservative and just fritter money away without knowing where it’s going, you may become unhappy.”
According to the experts at Market Samurai, money can buy happiness, but it cannot make you happy.

“Money can make you feel rich, provide you with new clothes, cars, and a boat, but you will still have to provide for those basic needs-food, shelter, and health care-and you’ll still feel deprived if you don’t have enough.” However, money can buy happiness, provided you use it wisely.Β “Money, if used accordingly, can help reduce poverty in developing countries, improve educational standards, and prevent crime,” says Mr. Miguel.

What does money buy? Money, as we all know, can make you happier, but only if you use it for the basic needs that every individual must meet. A good example is B.J. Podvin’s “Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness” program, which you can find out more about at his website.

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