Migraine Headaches : The 4 natural Remedies for immediate relief

To alleviate a migraine we must attack the cousin’s symptoms and not wait for the pain is importable, with these remedies we will make others relax and feel greater.
Persons who suffer from a migraine know how not bearable those hours that previous the disorder can be and before the point conditions them the standard of life they carry on the everyday basis.
Any noises, strong light or activity is turned against and the afflicted person only wants to unwind until the pain passes.

In this post, we propose some tips to ease a migraine quickly and effectively, with natural home remedies.

1. Warm feet Bath:

When we go through a migraine we usually have a congestion in the area of the head that receives pressure and pain.
That is why, if we provoke a temporary inflammation at the opposing end of the body, I mean, in The feet, we could make the higher part to be treated.
We just need warm water and a container where we can introduce our feet.

How do we do it?

We will sit comfortably in a chair or couch, and place in a recipient at our feet.
Water must be very hot, just as much as we can hold, but without burning, because the feet need to get red,
We must be with our feet in the water for 20 or 30 minutes.
It really is highly recommended to have more warm water next to go by adding it little by little so that it always stays warm. When we finish we dry our feet and shelter them.

2. Clay in the belly

The clay in the belly is a solution for everything because this central area of the person is an essential part of our body that can help all of us to balance its functions.
The placement of the poultice of clay in the womb has an immediate anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and relaxing effect. For this reason, anyone can apply when they desire.
We must keep the poultice at least for half an hour, even though it is highly suggested to have all of it evening
By mixing the clay-based with the water we will avoid using the plastic material or metal containers or utensils, as they would subtract advantages from the treatment, we will choose those of glass, solid wood or ceramics.

3. Lemon on the wrists.

This historic cure is based on the purifying properties of ” lemon”, a lemon or lime green that has a high power to alkalize on our organism.
We just have to put 50 percent a lemon on each wrist for 10 minutes, they are simple to be worth the peel test.
Water to drink with lemon will also help us during the migraine crisis

4. Massages with essential herbal oils.

In this treatment, we will need the cooperation of another person.
This kind of solution involves massaging the sore areas of the face and the top of the head with a mixture of two essential oils.

One of a kind Peppermint Oil:
Very relaxing, your brain is an aromatic natural herb that gives us immediate relief.


lavender essential Oil: regulating and relaxing. Lavender can be our great relief against migraines.
These kinds of essential oils must be diluted with vegetable olive oil, moisturizing cream or Aloe vera gel, as they are incredibly concentrated.
Keep in mind that the oils must be pure essential. because constantly we usually buy synthetic essentials, Without healing properties that just serve to aromatize.

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