Microsoft xCloud will run 3500 Video Games From The Cloud

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Microsoft is revealing details of its new’ video game streaming’ platform: Microsoft xCloud

The Microsoft xCloud project is the next video game streaming service that will allow you to instantly transmit games to the device you choose, via an Internet connection. Like Google Stadia, you will not download the games. Instead, they will broadcast from the Microsoft servers, which use the Microsoft Azure cloud architecture that has implemented in games like Crackdown 3 and Titanfall.

The company has been testing (Microsoft xcloud) this service arduously, and the fortunate ‘ testers ‘ are its employees; Those who have tried to run Xbox video games through the platform.
The results are surprising, as it has confirmed that the system can run more than 3500 video games’ through the cloud and without the developers making any changes in the titles.

Companies like Capcom and Paradox are already testing their video games at Microsoft xcloud, so a close presentation expected. Of course, there is no denying the option to subtract features from video games; That is, make adjustments for a smaller screen, remove multiplayer modes or similar elements.

Karem Choudhry, Microsoft Cloud leader, argued, We have already started the distribution of Project xCloud’s ‘ data centers ‘ for developers in North America, Asia, and Europe.”
In short, the E3 that is just around the corner is proclaimed as the ideal window to learn more about this project. So be prepared to know ‘ the future.’


How will Microsoft xcloud work?

showing you the first public Microsoft xcloud beta of the technology in action (source: Microsoft).

Microsoft xcloud will use Microsoft Azure’s data center hardware to represent the experiences remotely, and the games transmitted to the device of your choice. The only requirement is that you have a powerful connection, at home or while traveling. Each blade server has the internal components of four Xbox One S, if the Microsoft demo video is correct.

The same system allows you to save in the cloud on Xbox Play Anywhere, the cross-purchase program for Xbox One and PC could be used in Project xCloud. Means that if you are playing at home and need to leave, you can continue where you left off.

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“We are not developing Project xCloud as a replacement for video games consoles, but as a way to offer the versatility enjoyed by music fans or video content. We want to add new ways to play Xbox» The company commented on the official announcement. 

(Introducing Project xCloud)

XCloud does not seek to replace the consoles, but offer the same option that music lovers enjoy today. Microsoft link Remember that xCloud will enter a public trial stage later this year. With this cloud gaming services, the company of Satya Nadella seeks to compete against the new platform for streaming Google and PlayStation Now.

Microsoft will leverage the potential of its cloud Azure solution to make a substantial leap in the quality of streaming and lag reduction. If we add to this announcement the recent PS Now or Google plans for next week, we can qualify 2019 as the year of “as a cloud gaming service”

Microsoft wants to bring the Xbox ecosystem far beyond the hardware. they showed it approaching Windows and aspires to convert the reference in mobile devices. As you’ll see in the video, Forza Horizon 4 moves to perfection on an Android smartphone.

More Details: Microsoft

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