🎥 The top 10 mental illness horror movies recommend 2019

The top 10 mental illness horror movies recommend 2019

A large part of the human population suffers from a mental illness, as you know, there are various types, some more complex than others. According to the World Health Organization, 20% of children and adolescents have a mental disorder, which manifests before 14 years of age.

is mental illness an excuse

Types of mental illness in young adults and children

• mood disorders (like depression or bipolar disorder)
• Anxiety disorders.
• Personality disorders.
• psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia)
• Eating disorders.
• trauma-related disorders (such as post-traumatic stress disorder)
• Substance abuse disorders.
• schizophrenia,
• depression

these are just some commons disorders that have masterfully treated in the world of cinema.

the best mental illness films

Certain types of pathologies have been taken to the cinema because they endow the characters with greater richness and complexity. The tapes that developed around these themes tend to be strong and show the side of the disease that we do not always see.

That is why the film shows, in most cases, mental disorders from a real point of view, but also incorporating a bit of fiction to raise in a better way what happens in the head of people with these conditions.

in this note, we will make a compilation of those tapes that are among the best in history, for the handling they gave to this type of suffering

1. We have to talk about Kevin (2011)

Everything begins when Eva decides to have a child without really wanting it. Once Kevin is born, the story focuses on his development and interaction with other people. Kevin is manipulative, charming and cruel; He does not want anyone, but he knows how to prove otherwise when he wants to make a profit. Kevin has no empathy with anyone, but if Kevin wants, he can get into anyone’s brain and master a situation. He is a complete psychopath.

2. A brilliant mind (2001)

With his interpretation of Dr. John Nash, Russell Crowe won international criticism. The schizophrenia that the mathematical genius suffered and that intervened with his work, his studies, and his personal life, is the main problem in the film. Nash’s life was always at stake, because he doubted his reality and, at the same time, worked on top secret projects for the Government.

3. The Destiny Games (2012)

Pat (Bradley Cooper) spends eight months in a mental health center, after assaulting his wife’s lover. Pat has bipolar disorder and tries to recover, when Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence), a widow who deals with her problems, crosses her path.

4. The Pianist (2001)

Erika is a virtuous piano teacher who presents certain eccentricities related to sexuality. She suffers from a sexual sadism disorder and reflects it throughout the film, from her position in front of a particular type of pornography to the relationship she develops with one of her students, and coexistence with her mother.

5. American Psycho (2000)

This disturbing story addresses the story of a successful investor who hides a great secret. He is a psychopath and serial killer. It is starring Christian Bale and is already a cult film.

6. The Machinist (2004)

In this memorable film, Christian Bale was physically transformed to play Trevor Reznik, an industrial machinist whose insomnia leads him to develop a series of mental illnesses such as paranoia and to ultimately affect his health, being on the verge of death

7. The fight club (1999)

In this film, the central theme is the multiple personalities; although we do not realize it from the beginning, it is until it discovered that the character of Edward Norton had created the peculiar Tyler (Brad Pitt), which unleashes incredible and dangerous events

8. Antichrist (2009)

This film by Lars Von Trier features depression. The story revolves around this mental disorder that a mother suffers when her young son dies when falling through a window. The sadness, melancholy, hatred, and despair are not only shown in the main character, but also the landscapes found in the environment.

9. The black swan (2010)

Nina (Natalie Portman) is a ballet dancer, and due to her work, she must stay in a specific size. But it is not just anorexia nervosa that affects it, and there are other disorders that make it clear that you have lost your sense of reality.

10. Psycho (1960)

It is a horror classic by Alfred Hitchcock, where attachment to his mother leads Norman Bates to commit horrible crimes that he later forgets with a multiple personality disorder. This tape is a massive expression of someone with various mental illnesses.

myths: is mental illness an excuse for violence?

mental illness is not definitely an excuse for violence, Patients with some mental health disorder are less violent than people who do not suffer them, and the overwhelming majority of violent acts in a society committed by people who do not suffer from these disorders. Different investigations have revealed that unlike what believed – people who have a mental health disorder are not violent. Perhaps that belief comes from the rare cases in which a patient with a mental disease be it at the beginning of the illness or when it is under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be aggressive, usually against family and friends, but rarely against strangers.

In this regard, only 3% to 5% of violent acts in a society committed by people with mental problems. On the other hand, being vulnerable patients, these people are victims of violence by a family or well-known people. Moreover, it estimated that a person with a mental health disorder is 12 times more likely to be a victim of violence than one who does not have a mental health diagnosis.

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