MacBook and iMac UPDATE – Everything you need to know about Apple’s macOS Mojave


macOS MOJAVE RELEASE – Apple has just announced what’s coming to your MacBook and iMac in 2018 and here’s everything you need to know about macOS Mojave and its best new features.

Apple has just unveiled the next major software update for its popular PCs with macOS Mojave expected to be released in the autumn.

This next-generation software is set to bring a swathe of new features and improved security to your Mac including a quick way to clean up your desktop and the ability to use some popular apps from Apple’s iOS platform.

So, if you own a MacBook or iMac here’s some of the biggest and best new features coming to your computer very soon.

Apple WWDC 2018 keynote in 14 minutes


Apple’s new Dark Mode is set to be one of the most popular editions to its Mac computers.

This new feature instantly switches everything to a darker color scheme which not only looks stunning but also offers an improved viewing experience, especially when scrolling through content such as photos.

All of Apple’s apps including Mail, Messages, Calendar, and Photos will support Dark Mode at launch.

Developers will also have access to this feature so expect plenty more applications to follow with a Dark Mode option later in the year.


A fun little feature of macOS Mojave is the new Dynamic Desktop.

This clever desktop picture automatically changes to reflect what time of the day it is.


Apple announced during its WWDC keynote that it will let iPhone app developers bring their creations to the Mac.

This radical update will begin in 2019 but the US technology firm is giving Mac fans a taste of how this will work in the macOS Mojave upgrade.

The new OS will include iPhone apps such as News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home right on the desktop for the first time.

Not only do these applications get a big screen makeover but they also link to iCloud allowing you to record a message in Voice Memos on your iPhone and see it instantly appear on your Mac.

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