❤️ 8 advices for your long distance relationship work

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Keeping a long distance relationship is complicated, so here we give you several tips that can serve you. At some point in your life, you involved in a long-distance relationship and nobody, making long your 


For your relationship to work, you must have a deep and emotional connection. Physical contact goes into the background. That’s why here we leave you some tips that you can follow to keep your long distance relationship.

1. describe your plans for the future. what are your goals?

You need to know where you headed with your partner. What do you want to accomplish with him? Have goals and manage a calendar to save dates you will see. It is vital that you both have the hope of living together.

2. how often do you see your long distance partner?

Meet him – her regularly Try to see your partner every month or two months. Plan this and include activities such as city tours, museums or a weekend stay in a hotel. That these visits are a party, something special, maintaining a long distance relationship happy. 

3. how technology affects communication? 

Use modern technology to communicate, You’ll need all the help you can, so use the benefits that technology gives you. Use an email account, if you don’t have it, and write one or two emails every day. Use Skype or something similar to talk a few hours with it for free. Write instant messages and use digital photos and videos to know how your day-to-day is going.

 the couple must be aware that a distance relationship will be a great effort.

maintaining a long distance relationship
distance in love

4. stay communicate for a long relationship

Write extensive and intimate emails As a rule, he writes emails about your state of mind and about the conversations you had over the phone. Writing is more intense than verbal communication and will allow you to be more intimate. That will create a narrower bond between the couple.

5. how to manage jealousy in a relationship?

Try not to be jealous, it is very dangerous and can threaten your relationship. Jealousy is often a lack of trust and understanding. Very often reveals insecurities and bad experiences of other relationships. Remember that you can’t control your partner, and you have faith and trust in him.

6. long distance relationship problems

Stay positive in your distance love, He or she always assumes that your partner loves you and cares about you. Never believe negative things, if you get to read something in your emails that disgusted you or if you made any funny comments on a topic.

7. Don’t lose faith in your distance love

You’ll find yourself with a lot of skepticism. People are going to “warn you” about this kind of relationship, especially those who have had negative experiences about it. People will tell you that long distance relationships never work, but if they are durable and commit, you have nothing to worry about it.

8. Send a handwritten letter from time to time

Do not underestimate that wonderful feeling when you get a letter in your mailbox, you open it and see its writing. This is a pleasure that we often forget to do. Besides, it’s much more romantic.

Those who start a long distance relationship can generate a connection that can strengthen them as a couple. To achieve this, however, they must pass some tests.
In this type of open relationship, staying connected to the computer is essential. According to a study by the Journal of Communication, these couples are interested in sharing more meaningful and profound experiences, because physical contact is not the main thing.

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