League of Legends coming to smartphones soon

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League of Legends worlds 2019 | Riot, and Tencent WILL DEVELOP a mobile version of MOBA

There is No doubt that League of Legends has a horde of followers all over the world. And it’s not for less, as Riot Games has strived to provide a lot of content.
The evolution of League of Legends beyond the PC seems to have an exit on the mobile or at least so ahead in Reuters exclusive, which counted on three sources that Tencent and Riot games are finally adopting the MOBA for mobile.

The news agency quotes 3 different sources to confirm this fact. One of these sources ensures that Riot declined the option of developing a pocket-device adaptation a few years ago. Tencent, one of the most powerful telecommunications companies in the world (and also owns the largest share of Riot games); He offered them again a project they had rejected up to three times.

they have been working on the port for over a year, according to a Reuters report

This ‘ project ‘ was an official League of Legends adaptation to mobile devices. And although it sounds great for us fans, Riot games saw this development as an attempt at Chinese supremacy.

league of legends worlds 2019

In other words, Tencent already has in its possession an ‘ Honour of Kings ‘ (called Arena of Valor in the west). This mobile MOBA has been of the most played titles for several years in a row. And Riot Games thinks that another ‘ MOBA ‘ of Tencent would end up dominating the scene entirely.

“League of Legends” is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Riot Games for PC players

Still, they know that Tencent is powerful and can help them get out of their controversies. According to Reuters, the official League of Legends adaptation for mobiles has developed for a year, but its progress is plodding; So we doubt that it appears this year.
In the game catalog of the Asian giant, there is already a title of similar characteristics: Arena of Valor (AoV). Titled Honour of Kings in the Orient, the game launched in 2015 and has managed to replicate the success of LoL among the mobile users of that territory.

However, AoV has not been able to connect in the same way with the European or American public, and it did raise tensions in the leadership of Riot games, so they considered a brazen copy of their MOBA. Always according to the information revealed by Reuters, the adaptation takes more than a year in development, although they doubt that it launched in 2019.

league of legends worlds 2019
Arena of Valor was inspired by League of Legends

If Riot and Tencent do release a mobile version of LoL, it will join many other significant games in leaping from PCs to pockets, following PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Hearthstone and, of course, Fortnite.

The maneuver would focus on the Asian market, as players from that continent prefer to play on their phones. The ease to play from a more affordable platform also seems to play a favor point for Tencent, which according to the sources of the news would be thinking about developing competitions open to any user.

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