Karol G: A terrible fall down stairs during a concert in Miami.

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Karol G falls down stairs at his own concert in Miami

The Colombian singer Karol G fell down several flights of stairs while performing at an outdoor venue in Florida. The incident occurred during the opening act of her U.S tour on Friday night and was captured on camera by thousands of fans. In the footage, you can see the performer falling down the steps with her legs in front of her. She then falls to the ground, where she is helped up by security guards.

On Friday night, Colombian singer Karol G fell down the stairs while performing at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. The incident occurred after she had finished singing “Bailando” and was about to start “La Bamba.” She lost her balance and fell down the stairs. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The footage was uploaded onto YouTube and has been viewed over 3 million times since then.

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The Colombian singer Karol G has been seriously injured after falling down several flights of stairs at a concert in Miami. The incident occurred while she was performing at the American Airlines Arena on Friday night.

The singer fell down the stairs and hit her head on the floor. She was immediately taken to hospital where she underwent surgery. Her injuries are considered serious but not life-threatening.

According to reports, the accident happened when she jumped from one level to another. The incident happened at around 5.30pm local time and is now receiving medical attention at the hospital after suffering injuries to his head and neck. The incident happened during the first song of the show when she fell down the stairs while singing “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” . She fell down about 10 meters .

Despite the fall, Karol G went ahead with his concert

After she had recovered from the fall, one of her back up singers helped her stand up again and then he sang for her.

“All my nails broke, I think one of my knees broke. Everything hurts, everything hurts,” said Karol G. “But nothing, do you think I’m leaving after you fill this arena for the first time in my life?” After adding her son shortly before bursting into tears.

Fans have been posting pictures of Karol G lying on a gurney outside the arena, Many are speculating that she may be suffering from internal bleeding or broken ribs, It is not yet known what caused the fall, Karol G has had a busy year so far In April, she released her new single “El Amor”

In a statement posted on Instagram, the singer wrote: “I am very grateful for all your prayers and love. I’m feeling much better now and I will continue my recovery with patience and strength.


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