belgium – do you know whats is best time to visit?

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Belgium – Do you know what is the best time to visit Brussels?

Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium and has become known as the center of international politics diverse architecture and the arts, Brussels experience is plentiful and evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year, due to its proximity to the coastal areas

Although winter temperatures are cool snowfall is infrequent in Brussel on of the best time to visit this city, would be from the middle of May through early September, some rain is likely during that time and humidity levels are a bit higher but temperatures are pleasant the warmest months in Brussel are July and August, there are occasional heat waves during the summer season.

Just like the Netherlands next door, Belgium has a maritime climate with mild summers and often rainy winters. In fact, it can rain throughout the year, but temperatures are rarely extreme. Depending on what your interests are, any time of year offers advantages and disadvantages, so you’re never at a loss for things to do. Most of the castle hotels are open year-round, with a few closing in the winter months.

The main tourist season runs from April to mid-October, with July and August being the peak. In the middle of summer, you can expect comfortable weather as a backdrop to plenty of outdoor festivals and activities. Hotels can be crowded—especially in the Ardennes—so make reservations early if you have your heart set on a particular accommodation.

Prices don’t really drop during the shoulder seasons, roughly April through June and September through October, but still, it’s a great time to visit. Hotels, museums, and attractions are still open and less crowded.

November through February is generally cold and wet. On the coast, you can expect rainy days, but in the Ardennes, you can give cross country skiing a try. During some especially cold winters, the lakes and canals in Bruges and Ghent can freeze over, creating a new venue for ice skating!

Special times of year are during the pre-Lenten carnival season in February or March when Belgium can boast some of the best festivities in Europe and in October in the Ardennes when the leaves burst into gorgeous fall colors.  Source: castleandpalacehotels

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