HUAWEI CONFIRMED Windows 10 Connect at OUR devices

During the event “CES in Asia 2018″  in China,  Huawei announces that HUAWEI confirmed the installation of WINDOWS 10  on their devices.

It is not a secret that the current smartphones are as powerful as a PC that facilitates us in our daily routine. There are even some laptops that use mobile processors, and for Huawei, this section is of much interest.

So the Chinese company looked for different alternatives to make their devices work like a computer. Among them, it was enough to connect a monitor through the USB-C port, and the smartphone Mate 10 transformed into a PC. But apparently, Huawei found another great alternative: Install Windows 10 on their phones.

Huawei Cloud PC will be the new service that will allow the installation of an operating system entirely. This feature provides us with all the tools that we currently have on our PC and enables us to view the Windows 10 desktop on the smartphone’s screen, or on a connected external display.  And its connection will be through ‘ Huawei Desktop Protocol.’ since now You can install the app on smartphones.

“Huawei Cloud PC is an app for Android smartphone, that virtualizes Windows 10 desktop via the cloud on a smartphone”. 

The most exciting thing is that this operating system does not run directly on mobile, just in the cloud, service streams, To avoid overheating or any problems with your equipment. Although the most important requirement in that you must have a good internet connection to experience maximized. The Cloud PC app will work on Huawei P20, P20 Pro, Mate 10, Mate RS and MediaPad M5 tablet.

“prices not announced yet, there is not confirmed that would be a basic plan for free, the app itself is just in the Chinese language for now”. mentioned Huawei during the announce.

At CES in Asia 2018, which is developing in Shanghai, shows at the annual Consumer Electronics Show Robotic sharks and blushing androids are among the latest tech and gadgets.

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