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How to tell a long-time friend that you like them? This article will help you with that. It’ll give you some tips on how to deal with your emotions when it comes to dating someone who is in a long-term relationship,  If someone avoids talking about their crushes when you talk about yours, then he or she likes you too!

Things To Consider Before Telling Them if Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

A friend of mine recently told me that she’s falling in love with her best friend. I was a bit taken aback but also excited for her because it seemed like such an amazing thing to happen. She and this woman have known each other their whole lives; they grew up together, went to school together, and became best friends. They’ve been through some tough stuff together — including losing their parents within months of each other — and they’ve always had each other’s backs. Now they’re talking about being in love with each other.

My friend said that she’d been feeling something special for her friend for a while now, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to say anything until she knew for certain that her friend felt the same. And then, out of nowhere, she blurted out “I’m in love with you!”

My friend didn’t mean to come off as insensitive by saying that, but I could see why she might have gotten flustered. After all, she and her friend have only known each other for a few years, and they haven’t talked about any serious relationships. But I assured her that nothing would change between them. Her friend still sees her as a sister, and she will continue to support her no matter what.

So, what did my friend need to consider before telling her friend that she loved her? Here are some questions to ask yourself before sharing your feelings with someone you care about:

1. Do You Know For Sure That He/She Feels The Same Way?

Before you share your feelings with someone, you need to make sure that he or she actually does feel the same way. If you’re worried that your friend doesn’t feel the same way about you, you should probably wait until you’re 100 percent sure. Otherwise, you may end up hurting him or her unintentionally.

2. Are You Ready To Share This Information With Him/Her?

It can be scary to open up to someone who means so much to you. But if you’re not sure whether you’re ready to share your feelings with him or her, you should give it more thought. Maybe you’ll get over your fear once you actually do talk to him or her. Or maybe you’ll realize that you were wrong about how you felt all along. Either way, you won’t regret having shared your feelings with him or with her.

3. Will There Be Consequences From Sharing These Feelings?

If you decide to share your feelings with someone who is close to you, there will likely be consequences. It’s important to think about these consequences ahead of time. What will happen if your friend finds out that you’ve been keeping secrets from him or her? How will you handle the situation if he or she rejects you? Will you be able to move on after he or she tells you that he or she isn’t interested in dating you?

4. Is Your Friend Able To Handle Hearing These Words?

If your friend is going through a rough patch right now, he or she may not be emotionally equipped to hear those words. You don’t want to add to his or her stress levels. So, if you know that your friend isn’t ready to hear these words, you should either tell him or her gently or just keep your mouth shut.

5. Does Your Friend Want To Hear These Words?

Even though you may be bursting at the seams to tell your friend that you love him or her, you shouldn’t force this information upon him or her. If your friend doesn’t want to hear these words, it’s best to respect his or her wishes.

6. Have You Talked About Relationships Before?

If you’ve never discussed romantic relationships with your friend before, you may find it difficult to express your feelings. However, if you’ve already had conversations about relationships, you may be better prepared to share your feelings with your friend.

7. Can You Tell Whether He/She Likes You Back?

Your friend may seem like an easy target when it comes to expressing his or her feelings, but he or she may be hiding something. If you notice any signs that your friend likes you back, you should definitely let him or her know. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance for a relationship because you weren’t paying attention.

8. Has Your Friend Ever Told You That He/She Loves You?

If your friend has ever told you that he or she loves you, then chances are good that he or she also wants to date you. If you’ve heard these words before, you should take them seriously and act accordingly.

9. Do You Know What You Want Out Of A Relationship?

You might have some ideas about what kind of person you want to date, but it’s important to remember that you aren’t always right. Even if you feel confident that you know exactly what you want, you should still ask yourself why you feel this way.

10. Are You Ready For The Future?

You should only start thinking about the future if you’re absolutely certain that you’re ready for one. Otherwise, you could end up making big mistakes.

How To Know If You’re Actually In Love With Your Best Friend

It’s a rare thing to find someone who you can be yourself around. It’s even rarer to find that person who is your best friend and the one person in this world you can trust with everything, including your feelings. But when it happens, it makes all the difference in the world. And if you are lucky enough to have found that special person, then there is no better feeling than knowing that they feel the same way about you as well.

I’m not sure how many of us have been through this situation, but we’ve all had friends who were our best friends at some point in time. And while most people would say that having a close friendship with someone is great, what we don’t realize is just how much better it feels to know that these two people feel the same way about each other.

If you are lucky enough to be able to share such an amazing relationship with someone, then you should take advantage of every single second of it. Because once you start thinking about the fact that you will never see this person again, you might start wondering whether or not you really want to spend the rest of your life with them. The truth is that if you are truly happy together, then you shouldn’t ever think twice about spending the rest of your lives together.

Here are some tips for telling people you like them without ruining their friendship.

1) Be honest. While it may seem like a good idea to keep your feelings for your best friend under wraps, the reality is that you need to let them know that you care about them. So instead of lying and saying something like “Oh I was just joking” or “You know me too well,” try telling them the truth.

2) Make it clear that you are serious. When you first meet someone, you usually get to choose between being their friend or their girlfriend/boyfriend. But if you already know that you are going to be spending the rest of your life together, then you should definitely go ahead and pick the latter option. This means that you should make sure that you are totally comfortable with the idea of dating your best friend.

3) Don’t rush into anything. It’s easy to fall head over heels for someone right away, especially if you have known them for a long time. But if you want to make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes along the way, then you should give yourself plenty of time to figure out if you are ready to commit to someone.

4) Spend quality time together. One of the biggest problems that couples face is that they end up spending so much time apart from each other. If you want to avoid this problem, then you should make sure that whenever you do spend time together, it has to be spent doing fun activities. You don’t want to waste your time by staying home and watching TV or playing video games. Instead, you should plan trips to places where you can enjoy yourselves and have lots of fun.

5) Tell them how you feel. Once you have decided that you are ready to move forward with your relationship, then you should make it very clear to your best friend that you care about them and that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

6) Give them space. Even though you are planning to spend the rest of your lives together, there is no reason why you both can’t still hang out as friends. After all, nothing says that you can’t still be friends when you are in a relationship.

7) Take things slowly. Although you probably won’t want to admit it, the fact is that you might not be ready to become a couple. In fact, you might even be scared to death because you are afraid that you might mess everything up. And while you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you also don’t want to force yourself into something that isn’t meant to happen. So instead of rushing into things, you should take things slowly and allow yourself to grow closer to one another.

8) Make sure that they know what they mean to you. If you are looking for ways to show your best friend that you really care about them, then you should start by letting them know exactly how you feel about them. For example, you could write them a letter or send them an e-mail explaining how much you appreciate them. Or you could surprise them with flowers, candy, or some other thoughtful gift.

9) Let them know that you understand them. Sometimes people who are in relationships don’t realize just how different they are from everyone else. And since you are used to hanging out with your best friend every day, you will probably find it hard to relate to someone who doesn’t share the same interests as you. So the next time that you see your friend, try to let them know that you understand that they are different from most people. This way, you’ll be able to help them better deal with their differences.

10) Always keep your friendship strong. No matter how long you’ve been friends with your best friend, you should always remember that you are going to need them in the future. So if you want to ensure that you and your best friend stay close, then you should never stop being friends with them.

How to tell your best friend you’re in love with them and How Will This Affect Your Friendship?

If you decide to tell her now, then you will have to take responsibility for whatever happens next. If she rejects you, then you can always blame yourself for hurting her. If she accepts you, then you will have made the right decision. You should try to avoid making any big decisions until you have had some time to think about it. The only reason why you would want to tell her now is if you want to get married soon. In which case, you may want to wait until after you graduate from college.

You could start by saying something like “Hey, I’ve been thinking about our relationship lately and I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime”. Then you can follow up with questions such as “Are you free on Friday night?” or “What kind of movie would you like to see?”.

The point here is to keep the conversation light-hearted. Don’t ask her straight away if she likes you back or if she thinks you’re cute. Instead, lead her on. Once you two start talking about each other’s interests, you’ll naturally end up asking her personal questions. When she answers those questions, you’ll notice that she seems to be getting happier and happier. Eventually, she will probably say something along the lines of “I love you” or “I want to marry you”. At that point, you’ll know whether or not she actually does like you back.

If she says yes, then you can proceed to ask her what she thinks about marriage. If she doesn’t seem interested in marrying you, then you should probably give her space. However, if she does seem interested, then you should definitely ask her out. A good rule of thumb is to wait until you’re sure that you want to marry someone before you propose. This is especially true if you’re planning on proposing during a romantic holiday.

If you’re unsure about telling her how you feel, then you should probably wait until you’re certain that you want to propose. Otherwise, you risk losing her forever.


It might seem strange to you that you’re feeling this way about someone you’ve known your entire life. But you’re not alone. Many couples fall in love with their best friends.

The first step toward asking her out is admitting that you’re in love with her. This isn’t something you need to rush into. Take your time. Talk to her about how you feel. Tell her how much you admire her and appreciate her friendship. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself whether you’re willing to risk losing her by telling her how you feel.

If you decide that you’re ready to take the plunge, then go ahead. Don’t worry about hurting her feelings. She won’t mind. In fact, she’ll probably be flattered by your interest.

If you’re still unsure, then wait until you’re sure. Wait until you’re absolutely certain that you’re ready to commit to being with her forever. Then, after you’ve had some time apart from her, come back to her and tell her how you feel. Make sure that you’re 100% confident that you’re ready to give up everything for her.


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