How to live longer: Vegetable daily to slash cancer and high blood pressure risk


HOW TO live longer: there are some simple actions you can take to increase your odds of a longer and more satisfying lifespan. Research over the years has found some simple changes to your lifestyle, such as what you eat, can increase your lifespan. One food health experts recommend to include in your diet is a particular vegetable.

How to live longer is a question many people wished they knew the answer to.

  1. Quitting smoking can cut your risk of dying from cancer-related to smoking and slash your risk of stroke.
  2. And alongside exercise, eating a healthy, balanced diet is crucial to helping you live longer, according to the NHS.
  3. One food recommended by medical consultant Dr. Sarah Brewer and dietitian Juliette Kellow is root vegetables – including the humble sweet potato.
  4. The pair says root vegetables regularly feature in the diets of communities well-known for their above-average life expectancies.

Other root vegetables recommended for longevity include ordinary potatoes, carrots, and Jerusalem artichokes.


Eating root vegetables daily can also help protect against cancer.

Dr. Brewer and Ms. Kellow say: “Orange-fleshed root vegetables are rich in carotenoids such as beta-carotene. Good intakes of this nutrient have been shown to protect against some cancers.

“One review of studies found the odds of having oesophageal cancer were reduced by 42 percent when comparing highest and lowest intakes of beta-carotene.”

Another food recommended by the pair is avocado – but how often should you eat them?

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