7 Best foods for Constipation Relief that you Should have in your diet

Food to avoid Constipation Relief 

Constipation is a bad thing that affects millions of people who struggle every day. In this article, we will discover the 07 best foods to eat for constipation.
In these modern times who can say that has not suffered from constipation symptoms ever since it is a condition that attacks at any age.


Habits to avoid constipation. 
It is recommended the consumption of liquids, between 2 liters in women and 3 liters in men, not exclude from the diet the fiber, is ordered in the meals not to postpone the act of defecation if it comes to the desire. and eliminate food that constipation causes.

what causes constipation?  You must have a consciousness about constipation causes: and this influences that you eliminate as much as possible white foods, sugar, white flour, white sugar as these foods contribute to the growth of bacteria in a Greater proportion to that which corresponds in our intestine.


  1. Constipation Causes

Home Remedies and foods for Constipation

Fig, Plums:

Primary sources of soluble fiber essential for intestinal health because it helps to increase the amount of water in the liquid and form the feces if you like snacks between food recommended dry figs.


Flaxseed, Sesame:

Seeds is a fiber food that is very to make our colon healthy and not inflamed by the properties of flaxseed that favors the displacement of the stool without irritating the colon working as natural laxatives.


The seeds of this food will adhere to the villi of the intestine, and once there you will have better peristalsis (intestinal contractions) is an essential stimulant of the organ, its recommend to consume when you start to feel constipation symptoms.

Green Vegetables

an Excellent constipation remedy and sources of magnesium as it is also sesame, we often mistakenly think that magnesium is only related to the nervous system and muscular contractions and we forget that the intestine is a muscle that also needs magnesium, and the Green vegetables are practically compulsory in the diet to avoid constipation


Wholemeal bread:

Wheat bran, wheat biscuits, wholemeal bread, primary sources of insoluble fiber, but what are insoluble fibers? They are those fibers that favor the displacement of the feces without having to damage the intestine because they can generate irritations and then later generate Ulcerations.


Pro-Biotics are essential food for constipation because they stimulate the balance of evil and good batteries, which our intestine is in a balance, for optimal operation, We can consume living bacteria in the way that can get supplements, kefir, but it is not advisable to get them in some yogurt that contains some dye, preservatives or Artificial additives and less with sugar.


Whenever we suffer from constipation, we will find in the tamarind an amazing food for constipation because of its an excellent collaborator in two significant aspects.
It has a fiber that is pectin which is an essential soluble fiber, but it also has some volatile organic acids that once located in our intestine begins to stimulate contractions and contractions that will make you feel the need to go to evacuate.
It can consume in juices.

Remember that no food will make your intestine work well, without water, water is the life and helps you with these constipation symptoms.


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