GTA online news: Bomb Ball new game Mode now as part of GTA 5’s Arena War update

If you were also ‘ coaxed ‘ by Rocket League, a game of car soccer players; The new GTA Online game mode is ideal for you.

Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V, is continuously being updated. Thanks to this today received an update with a new game mode that we are sure will remind you of Rocket League.

This is ‘ Bomb Ball,’ a game mode that is part of an update to GTA Onlinedenominada ‘ Arena War.’ In it, the players will drive a car with the intention of pushing a ball to put it in the goal of the opponent. The interesting thing is that here the balls are bombs that can explode at any time. So you’ll have to be careful when handling it.

the ‘ Arena War ‘ patch will have seven game modes in total. In addition to ‘ Bomb Ball,’ there are also others to capture the flag or destroy vehicles to beat.

It is important to note that Bomb Ball is part of the engine Arena, GTA Online section that offers all the adrenaline of extreme racing. Also, you should know that this mode will provide twice as much experience and money between now and January 14th. Note that rewards will duplicate on client Terrorbyte missions; Motorcyclist’s contract missions; Contraband sales and more.

Besides, Rockstar reported that starting tomorrow you can buy the Grotti Italy GTO. It is a super sports vehicle that has all the elegance of Italian luxury cars. As you can imagine, it will be on sale at legendary Motorsport.

this mode will have distant designs of Rocket League and very similar to Mad Max. This was something to be expected from Rockstar games, as they are accustomed to making projects more glued to reality


Finally, Rockstar announced all those who log on today and January 7 would reward with 2 T-shirts for his character.

Does your new gameplay catch your eye? Tell us in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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