Google’s Android Messages: Released its available WEB version

The Google messaging service bets for more comfortable access for Android users.
Google continues to cut distance with WHATSAPP, Telegram,  now update messages app android,  become the new industry leader.

Directly becoming the main competitor of WHATSAPP, Google bets on instant messaging with its app called messages (Android message) for users who have installed on their mobile Android OS, who now They will be able to access the service from the Web with what is available the chat still far from the mobile device.
Like WhatsApp Web, Android messages users can access this page to access your account after scanning a QR code.

Users can now access the page where you can activate the Web app for Android messages and use it from your computer even with your smartphone at rest just reading a QR code, similar to what I implement WhatsApp a few years ago, in fact, the operation of both platforms is the same

To set up Messages for the web, users need to install the latest version of the Android Messages app and on a PC go to

The web version of Android messages is available for the following Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. It should point out that the update is still gradual.
Some of the features of the Android message highlight the ability to enable or disable notifications show a pre-visualization of messages in notifications, dark mode and the ability to remember a specific computer


Google made mention that Android messages facilitate communication between people by using SMS, MMS and more. To keep in touch with friends and family, we can send group text messages, and we will be able to share our favorite images, videos, and audio signals. Android messages are compatible with RCS (Rich Communication Services), a universal standard for delivering enhanced functionality to the native messaging experience on mobile devices, according to Google’s support page. On supported operators, you can send messages over Wi-Fi or your data network, see when your friends read your message, and more


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