Fortnite vs. Apex Legends❗ The reign threatened by the emergence Apex Legends

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Fortnite vs. Apex Legends: Similarities and differences between the 2 video games

The reign of Fortnite threatened by the emergence of Apex Legends, a free download title created by EA and Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends is a free to play the game that seeks to make a space in the growing market of the Battle Royal, a format that consists of a battle of all against everyone, in which the map reduced as the minutes’ pass. Currently, the world leader of this genus is Fortnite, which last November had 200 million registered users.

In its first 72 hours on the market, Apex Legends has achieved the grandiose number of 10 million registered users. Its creators announced the news via Twitter:
In the gamer community, amazing feats like PUBG and Fortnite have seen at the time. And apparently, now it’s the turn of another ‘ Battle Royale.’
Apex Legends, a videogame created by NetherRealm Studios (the creators of Titanfall) and distributed by Electronic Arts; It has managed to bring together more than 10 million players in just 72 hours.

Apex Legends has a “battle pass” as the other battle Royals. It will also maintain the modality of seasons, lasting three months.

According to EA, this figure is astonishing, but thanks to it achieved one that is considered a ‘ feat ‘: At certain times, there are peaks of more than a million players fighting at the same time.

According to the community, this is because the game has features that lacked a genre like the ‘ Battle Royale.’ Or probably, the path he mapped Fortnite left trails quite open for other opponents.

Although most likely, the fact of having a vast resemblance to Titanfall, managed to conquer a massive target audience. Of course, that is ‘ Free to play ‘ and that we can play with any platform thanks to the ‘ cross-play ‘; It also influenced.

Fortnite vs. Apex Legends: Their main differences

Apex Legends is a Royal Battle that allows us to choose between 8 characters, which are called legends and have different skills and tools. Since the choice of legends takes turns, the importance of selecting very well our characters increased. Fortnite, meanwhile, gives users the same role that changes as they gain experience and rising level. Both games allow the purchase with real money of elements for the personalization of the Heroes (Fortnite) or legends (Apex legends).

Apex Legends also starts each game with a group of three players that must land at the same point. Allows up to 60 players in a single map. Fortnite, in contrast, starts the games by landing users at random points. Besides, it has three game modes: First, battle all against all in which you can be part of a squadron of two or four players or go solo. Second, groups of four people struggling against map elements to achieve mission objectives.

Finally, the creative way in which the user can create structures on an island like towers or houses. Fortnite allows the simultaneous connection of 100 people regardless of the console where it is accessed, be it Xbox One, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch, cellular or PC. This option is not yet available in Apex Legends.

The construction mode is available exclusively at Fortnite:
Other completely different between the two games is that Apex Legends allows the “easy marking” of objects in the game. This facilitates communication between players, which has been a well-implemented point by Respawn Entertainment. Fortnite does not have this tool, but it does send pre-set messages as “yes” or “forward” to facilitate cooperation. Apex Legends also adds classic elements of shooting games such as quick inventory or the ability to revive a teammate.

For download, Apex Legends is available on PC via Origin, the Electronic Arts platform. For Play Station 4 and Xbox One, in Play station store and Microsoft store, respectively.

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