Fortnite in Apple IOS: Generates $100 million in just 3 MONTHS

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Continues to reach spectacular figures Locating themselves as the second most profitable mobile game during its first 90 days of the debut, according to Sensor Tower in the video game market. PUBG is still far from even betting on the top.
Fortnite never ceases to amaze with its incredible numbers. In Apple’s iOS alone it is estimated that the Epic games game generates $100 million in just 90 days of its release.

According to data compiled by analytics firm The Sensor Tower Application Market analysis company claims that Fortnite has generated $100 million in the three months, standing behind Clash Royale that reached the US $154 million in the same period.



The Race to $100 Million

How did Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the direct rival of Fortnite? Well, not good. It’s not even close to the success of the Epic Games title. According to Sensor Tower, PUBG takes 60 days in the APP store and has only raised the US $5.2 million while Tencent, its manufacturer, and distributor, look for ways to monetize its players. And PUBG takes 60 days in the APP store and has only raised the US $5.2 million.

It hoped that the success of Fortnite, although not at levels of Pokémon Go, the game of Niantic that in its first 90 days generated $600 million (although counting revenues for IOS and Android). Fortnite is expected replicated in the Android operating system, where it is still likely to be released.
Fortnite still has a mission to get to Android. Epic Games already said that it is developing the version of Fortnite develop games for android, but there is still no availability date. Fortnite is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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