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Devil May Cry 5 special edition

Available in all platform like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8th. Capcom again bet on the history of Dante as its big launch of 2019.

We Knew what, at least on Steam, Devil May Cry 5 had had a good pitch. Hideaki Itsuno, Director of the game, announced during the GDC that DmC 5 reached 2 million sales in less than a month of launch. This number counts the game sales on all available platforms.

devil may cry 5 special edition review

Today I will speak devil may cry timeline, the direct sequel of 2004 was launched 11 years ago and has been Capcom who has brought back this beloved Franchise and then have played for more than 20 hours I commented because You should buy it.

The story happens a few months after the events of the fourth game when a
The giant tree appears in the middle of the city, and it is up to Dante, Nero and the new mysterious character named V to deal with the problem.

There are some Surprises on the way that will please fans of the series but overall not
I felt it was necessary to play the previous deliveries to understand what It was happening, and you have to know that you’re hunting demons and by the way, Try to save the world.

where the most outstanding game is in its gameplay of Start them I tell you that for me this is the best combat system I have ever tried in any match from Capcom to date each character has his arsenal of weapons and skills that he has to combine to get the maximum range of style in each bout.

Devil May Cry 5 is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

All clashes feel like a dance of space and blood bullets where you have To improvise the dance steps according to your opponents, and in almost every Level you presented with new enemies and bosses that add variety to the subject.

the most fun of the experience is to learn your attack patterns and master your skills to improve your marker that starts in D and go to the maximum note that is triple s,

devil may cry characters names and skill

respect to the characters returns the rebellious teenager Nero with more attitude than ever, now also has a mechanical arm which can change and allow you new and spectacular
skills, and for the first time you are allowed to use the new character V that uses the spirit of animals to defeat the opponents easily and then take care of them to finish when their life is low, the latter is the most straightforward character to use because you usually maintain It’s a distance.

devil may cry 5 Dante, protagonist

my favorite devil may cry 5 characters is Dante who is the protagonist of the first game that keeps his four styles some that designed to Evade others to defend and to attack holds these payments are giant that You can combine with guns or shotgun I say it’s super easy to change Between each of your weapons, you also have what stands out that are spaces
A motorcycle split in two that can use as two swords and because all your combos vary if you’re doing it on the floor or in the air or Pressing R1 that that button to fix the enemy and my favorite that are the new boots of Dante and his fists that as you see
It seems that I take Capoeira class to defeat their enemies.

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Gameplay

And the most impressive thing is that the game runs well on any platform uses the
Same Resident Evil 2 graphics engine that runs well in play 4 Xbox One, and at 60 frames per second looks beautiful. That way it takes 10 to 14 hours End the campaign missions and unlock the entire skill tree, But just finished I felt like playing it in a higher difficulty there is Where I realized that the beginning of the game is not very difficult to compare to other Deliveries especially because you can use gold orbs that receive you in full
Battle and are quite common to find it.

A couple of additional aspects that I must highlight in the music that puts you in the perfect mental state for so much action, the secret missions that motivate you to explore every corner of the map and Nicollette to the charismatic new girl who helps the protagonists to improve their Skills

devil may cry negative review

Regarding the things I didn’t like so much I had some problems of Camera in closed environments I would have loved more varies by Scenarios on some levels what happens at the end of the story left me with Wanting more;

some characters only appear for a while without more importance For the plot and the online system seems to be a wasted opportunity Because it does not affect the gameplay, but these are minor details for a game that its essence is a very effective dose of adrenaline who wants to continue playing for hours to have the Maximum rating at all levels

I love how camp revived his franchise most wanted from Monster Hunter, Mega Man Resident Evil and now devil may cry v, this particular version is fast is spectacular is fun, and I would say it is one of the best action games that have been released in this decade so D Arles a revised

We have to see the complete list of the best selling games of the dmc 5 sagas to realize that this fifth installment has all the winnings.

  • Devil May Cry 4 sold 3 million units
  • Devil May Cry 3 (2.3 million copies sold)
  • Devil May Cry by Ninja Theory (2.4 million copies sold).


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