Cryptocurrencies : shot at the imminent bifurcation of the Ethereum

The Cryptocurrencies get a new rise; The crypto Ethereum is going to branch out trying to overcome some problems of mining that suffers the ethereum, also called second Criptodivisa of the world by the form of market capitalization, is positioned in 557.23 USD, crossing a rise of 3.42% in the bag Bitfinex at 14:53 hours 0 05-29-2018 (CET).


The bifurcation is a new way of disabling the call “difficulty pump “ of the Ethereum code. Meaning that the users of the original blockchain should update the software but in return will disable a feature designed to make mining more difficult thus hindering the mining of this Cryptocurrency.
The function was codified since its inception as a way to move from a work test, or a way to make sure against spam by asking for work, to a concept of participation test, in which the creator of the next block is randomly chosen. Ethereum developers have decided to stick to the work test for now.
Meanwhile, other virtual currencies have risen, despite concerns about regulation.
The bitcoin has risen 1.61% up to 7,467.00 USD in the Bitfinex bag, not far from the minimum recorded in the past at 7,467.00 USD.

The Bitcoin despite this achievement down 10% in weekly terms. The bitcoin minimum record of six and a half weeks last week following the announcement by the U.S. Department of Justice that it is investigating whether traders are involved in manipulating the price of the Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.
While governments are implementing new regulations, digital currencies have suffered considerable losses. Total market capitalization amounts to 336 billion USD at the time of the cryptocurrencies market, compared to 390 billion USD on Monday.
One of the Cryptocurrencies that has achieved a rise; and considered the third virtual currency,

the ripple has increased by 1.38% up to 0.59343 USD and the third currency

Litecoin reached the level of 120.89 USD, with an advance of 4.66%.
Meanwhile, John McAfee, founder of antivirus software and promoter of the Cryptocurrency, has mentioned that it will launch a new type of fiat currency backed by the digital currency.  (

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