The 10 Best Travel Apps 2018 That will get you out of trouble

best vacation apps

Smartphones became a must-have “travel companion.” and In a matter of seconds and from the palm, it allows you to get where to sleep, to know the cheapest flights offers, to create a personal travel guide or to divide the expenses between friends. best travel apps like Skyscanner, Kayak, Airbnb, Hotel Tonight, Uber, Google Maps, Citymapper. help with The preparations, or … Read more

Driving roads in Europe: 10 Most Scenic Drives In Europe to add to your trip

BEST driving roads in Europe: Road trips are not necessarily a go-to summer holiday activity – it can be much easier to laze on a beach or enjoy the hotel pool. But driving can afford you unique vistas of breathtaking scenery and let you explore regions you’d never easily get to on foot. Road trips might seem … Read more

belgium – do you know whats is best time to visit?

Belgium – Do you know what is the best time to visit Brussels? Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium and has become known as the center of international politics diverse architecture and the arts, Brussels experience is plentiful and evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year, due to its proximity to the coastal … Read more

WATCH: Scary moment WHALE threatens to overturn man in sea kayak – but what happens next?


VIRAL video footage shows the terrifying moment a giant whale approaches a man in a sea kayak out of nowhere. But what happens next? The scary footage circulated on media sharing site Imgur. A viral video has emerged of an encounter between a gigantic whale and an unsuspecting man in a kayak. Taken in English … Read more

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