is there a cure for cancer 2019? / How do cancer vaccines work?

is there a cure for cancer 2019

A new “vaccine” against cancer, which promises to be effective, begins to be tested with humans this year but how to cure cancer?.

Combined treatment provokes an immune response and can efficiently administer by injection, so scientists have referred to it as a cancer vaccine, although it is not rigorous.

There Is a new treatment to strengthen the immune system that has been very successful in studies with mice. Now These experiments are advancing towards human trials.

A study by Stanford University published an article recently in Science Translational Medicine, which showed that an injection of two immune stimulating agents, directly applied to a tumor, made T cells recognize cancer cells and They’ll destroy them. Not only in the same tumor, but also in secondary and distant cancerous developments.

Combined treatment provokes an immune response and can efficiently administer by injection, so scientists have referred to it as a cancer vaccine, although it is not rigorous.

Usually, cells T are ineffective against tumors, because the malignant cells that are inside or are very similar to healthy, so it is difficult to recognize them or excrete chemicals that allow them to go unnoticed.

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Other antibody-based treatments are approaching this by attacking cancer cells through highly specific mutations, but that’s why they only work in some cancers.

The new therapies approved, with T cell CAR, also work by strengthening the function of T cells, although the treatment requires that the immune cells of each patient manipulated with genetic engineering.

But the work of the Stanford team revealed that a single injection of two agents caused the T-cells of the mice to mobilize against the genetically identical cancer cells in the vicinity, as well as other more distant ones that mimic those of metastases. This achievement is remarkable.

Treatment is also effective against many types of cancer. The best result, a rate of 97% cure, observed in lymphoma.

Researchers will Now evaluate human injection with a subtype of lymphoma called ‘ low-grade non-Hodgkin B cell lymphoma.’

Dr. Ronald Levy, leader of the Phase 1 trial plan and lead author of the mice study, told SF Gate that they expect to enroll a total of 35 adult patients for two study groups at the end of this year.

Each participant will first receive low-dose radiation therapy to kill some cancerous cells and weaken those that remain, followed by two rounds of injection.
The objective will be to determine the optimal dose and to examine the side effects of the treatment. “The Two drugs we´re injecting manufactured by two different companies and have already been shown to be safe for people,” Levy said. “What We’re testing is the combination.”

Israeli cancer cure 2019: Scientists said the cure for cancer would be ready in a year.

how close are we to curing cancer? “The cure for cancer will be useful from day one;  it will last a few weeks and have minimal or no side effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market.”

As published by the Jerusalem Post, the new therapy is being promoted by Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies, which is being spearheaded by its CEO, Dr. Ilan Morad.

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What will the treatment be Like to cancer cures?

The revolutionary treatment call Mutato (multitarget toxin), which will use a combination of peptides against cancer and a poison that kills cancer cells explicitly.

In this regard, Morad noted that patients would provide with personalized treatment, in addition to a specific cocktail of medications according to their type of cancer.

Will it the cure for cancer?

Despite the importance of the announcement, some voices question the operation of the new treatment, considering for example that it has only tested in mice.

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In this regard the deputy medical director of the National Office of the American Cancer Society, Len Lichtenfeld said in the agency’s blog that “It works without saying that we all share the belief that they are correct.”

“Unfortunately, we must be conscious that this is far from being an adequate treatment for people with cancer, let alone a cure,” he said.

Finally, the specialist noted that the Israeli researchers have not publicly shown the data collected to support their announcement, as well as not to make known the evidence that the treatment was successful in mice, pointing out that so far it Only thing they have done is an interview to a local media.

How do cancer vaccines work?

Cancer cells are similar in many respects to healthy cells, that’s why the immune system doesn’t attack them.

This vaccine will give in patients who already have cancer. It mainly works by shooting tiny darts containing fragments of RNA extracted from the patient’s cancer cells into the body’s immune system, causing them to launch a total attack against any a tumor found.

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