👉 What are the bases in the relationship? Everything You Need to Know👌

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4 bases in the relationship

You’ve probably heard people talk about “hitting” something like second base or scoring third. What they’re talking about is called an at-bat. Do you wonder what base means when talking about dating? If you find yourself asking questions like “What exactly are ‘bases’?” or “Why would anybody talk about the second base'” then you might be interested in reading up on relationship theories.

So, “what are the four bases in dating?” gotten you comparing a baseball pitch (the male) to the female anatomy? Don’t fret; we’re here to help! We’ll give you some reassurance by telling you about the typical four types of relationships:

First base – Kissing

The first step in a romantic relationship:  Kissing is the starting point of many romantic relationships. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with someone new. After a few kisses, you may want to try other ways of expressing your feelings. There are different types of kissing techniques, but most involve some sort of contact between lips. Some common ones include a peck, a French kiss, a lip lock, and even tongue play. You might be surprised by how much more intense a kiss feels if you use your hands to stroke each other’s faces. As long as there is no sexual intent, anything goes!.

The first base is based on trust. In order to be successful, you must earn your partner’s respect by being trustworthy.

Kissing is a very intimate act. Make sure your partner is comfortable with the intimacy. Try to find the right time and place for snogging. Don’t go too fast. Smell fresh.  Touching your date’s face, neck, or shoulder during the kiss might be inappropriate.

Most people consider kissing as a base activity, but some people may already think about it as being more than that. There is also something more intimate when tongues touch each other during a kiss. Even though open-mouth kissing can be very exciting, she might want to stop him right there even if he made one of her legs bend backward.

Second base – Heavy Petting/Manual Stimulation

The second base is based on affection. Affection means caring deeply for another person. To show true affection, you need to make sure that your partner feels comfortable around you

The second step in a romantic relationship and the start of sexual intercourse. This is where you are going to have sex with your lover. It’s not only a time for physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy.

You should know that second base foreplay is more than kissing. It includes touching each other’s body parts, including but not limited to the breast, nipple, genitals, buttocks, thighs, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hair, face, ears, eyes, cheeks, lips, tongue, throat, back, stomach, sides, and even the scalp. Second base foreplay also includes activities that involve oral sex, anal sex, and mutual masturbation.

You may be interested in making out with your partner. To check whether he/she wants to do it, run your hands up the side of his/her neck, or down their stomach. If they let you continue touching them without stopping you, then go ahead. But if they try to stop you, back off as soon as possible. Your partner may not understand what arouses you or how to stimulate you. You need to communicate with him/her clearly. Tell him/her your erogenous zones and direct him/her towards them during sex. He/she needs to learn how to please you. A physical relationship must be mutually enjoyable and satisfying.

Don’t push your partner into doing something they aren’t ready for, or you may be disappointed by what happens next. Give yourself enough time to explore every aspect of your lovemaking before moving on.

Third base – Oral Stimulation

The third base is based on physical attraction. Physical attraction refers to sexual desire and arousal. It is important to understand that sex is not always part of a healthy relationship. However, when both partners want to have sex with each other, then they are ready to move into the next level of intimacy. If you feel attracted to your partner, then you are showing signs of physical attraction.

The third base is the point at which the two lovers are ready to make love. If you are both comfortable with this level of intimacy, then you know you are ready to move on to the fourth base. Your partner is extremely excited about reaching climax. She wants to experience every sensation she possibly can. Her body is primed for orgasmic bliss, and she gets more turned on by the minute. She is ready to go as far as you want to take her.

Oral sex should be avoided if either party isn’t comfortable with it. Both partners must agree to do it before proceeding further. Try to stick to manual stimulation. Don’t force or persuade your partner into something he/she does not want to do. In order to fully enjoy yourself during sex, you must first be comfortable enough to relax and let go of any inhibitions or self-conscious thoughts. Then, tell your partner what you’re feeling. That will help strengthen your bond.

You can further enhance your experience by complimenting your partners. It is highly likely that they are also nervous, too. Your genuine praise will calm them down and give them confidence. If you decide you want to go deeper into the third base, be sure to take precautionary measures. There is still a high chance of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections during oral sex. Use protection, such as condoms or barrier methods, to protect yourself and your partner. Both of you can even get checked for STIs before going any further.

Fourth base – Penetrative Sex

The fourth base is the most intimate part of any relationship. In fact, it is considered to be the ultimate level of intimacy. You will probably find that you are now having an orgasm. Penetration is the last base. It is an act that involves sexual intercourse. It is a very intimate act. Both partners enjoy it. Mutual satisfaction is what it is all about.

Sex is something you should enjoy without any expectations or limitations. You shouldn’t expect sex to be easy or enjoyable every time. There may be times when it feels awkward or uncomfortable. So, try to relax and enjoy yourself. Remember that there is nothing wrong with being nervous or scared. You should feel comfortable enough to express yourself. Tell your partner what you want and how you feel. Set clear limits on what you’re willing to accept.

Sex should always be mutual. You should never force yourself onto someone else or pressure them into doing something they do not want to do. Always use condoms. Never rely solely on your partner for the protection, as you could get pregnant.

Fifth base

The fifth base is the point at the end of the night when you are lying together in bed after making love. It is the point at which you are sharing your deepest secrets with your partner.

Based on friendship. Friendship is an essential element of a healthy relationship. Friendships develop naturally over time. When two people become friends, they share many things together. They may even talk about their problems. A good friend will listen to his or her partner without judging. He or she also needs to accept the fact that there might be some differences between the two people.


You finally got to the ultimate goal!

Congratulations, you did it! Now you know what you want, and you need to make sure you get it. Don’t worry if you haven’t been dating much lately, because now is the time to start. Take things slow but steady, and remember that there’s nothing wrong with being discreet, even though everyone else might think otherwise. Just be yourself, and enjoy the journey.

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