Google ensures that Hugh Jackman will be in ‘ Avengers: End Game’ ; Is this a joke?

Hugh Jackman – Avengers 4

Surely many fans will jump gladly to be true this news: Google says that Hugh Jackman is in the Avengers: End Game, but it is also possible that it is just a joke…
When doing a search of the Jackman movies on Google, naturally appear the X-Men, Wolverine, the miserable, Van Helsing, and many more, because he has an extensive filmography; But they also put the Avengers ‘ poster 4.

This was exposed by FandomWire, who took a screenshot of the search:


This has raised speculation about the possible cameo of Hugh, in the role of Wolverine, which would give an incredible dimension to the history of these Marvel superheroes, by integrating the X-Men.

There you have it… Although the actor stated from 2017 that he would not interpret Logan anymore, which means that perhaps it would appear in a cameo, Stan Lee style, not correctly as the hero of Adamantium.
Also, the X-Men movies belong to Fox, and the agreement for Disney to be done with the rights will not be realized until 2019, and the production of The Avengers: End Game, ends at the beginning of that year, which means that Marvel/Disney cannot use The characters of the mutants yet.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer 

Usually, the Avengers movies include a post-credits scene, which shows us some of what we will see in the next installment, and several suggest that we will probably see Wolverine, as a “presentation” of the Mutants to the universe Marvel film.
And not only that but also this could suggest that at last, it would give the long-awaited (at least for Ryan Reynolds) encounter between Wolverine and Deadpool on screen, which does not sound anything wrong.

We will have to wait for the next news if it is a reality, or just listen to “a joke for the day of the innocent, but could also deal with the problem with the search engine of Google, or could be a tremendous spoiled, typical of this time…

Avengers: Endgame hits on April 26th, 2019.

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