101 ideas what are Major aspects in astrolog⁉️ Explained

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How to read Major aspects in astrology?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of planetary aspects, let me explain what they are and why they matter so much in your life.  The term “aspect” is used by astrologers to describe a relationship between two planets or angles that can be either positive or negative.

Positive aspects are those where the planet is being influenced positively by another planet. For example: Jupiter is considered a benefic aspect because it brings good fortune and prosperity. In this articule, I’m going to be talking about the different types of planetary aspects and what they mean for your horoscope.

The first thing to know about aspects is that they don’t always happen in the same order every time. This is because the angle formed between planets changes based on where they are in their orbit around the sun. When a planet moves closer to the sun, it forms a smaller angle with the other planet, making it easier for them to get along. And when a planet moves further away from the sun, it makes it harder for them to interact. Aries Trines, Taurus Oppositions, Gemini Conjunctions, Cancer Squares, Leo Sesquiquadrates ,Virgo Sextiles, Libra Trines, Capricorn Conjunctions,  Aquarius Opposition , Pisces squares Pluton

Astrology is a tool that helps us understand our lives from a spiritual perspective. It’s one of the best ways to get clear about what you really want and need in your life

Guide to understand the five major aspects

1.Conjunction ☌

A conjunction occurs when two or more planets are closely aligned in the same sign. This is usually a very positive and friendly aspect, but it can also be quite challenging. When two planets are conjunct, they tend to share similar traits and characteristics. Think of them as being friends who get along great together. On the flip side, if two planets are conjunct and don’t seem to be getting along, this can mean trouble ahead, For example, Jupiter and Saturn were at exactly zero degrees from each other during their close encounter in July 2015.

With these two aspects working well together, they can bring out their best energies when they’re combined into one person. If the stars aren’t aligned just right, they may not be compatible or harmonious enough for both people involved, causing friction between them.

If you’re single, you may be wondering if this aspect could help you meet someone new. If you’re already dating, you may wonder if this aspect will make things even better. One thing to note about aspects is that they often occur within relationships. For example, if Mars is conjunct Uranus, this could mean that you’re having trouble communicating clearly with someone else. Or, if Saturn is conjunct Pluto, this could indicate that you’ve been stuck in a relationship that isn’t working anymore. If you want to know what kind of aspect you’re experiencing, check out the chart below.

2. Sextile

A sextile is an easy aspect that brings out the best in people and helps them feel upbeat and optimistic. It usually occurs when two planets align together — one fiery sign (fire) and one cool sign (earth). Usually these aspects happen between fire and air signs (aries/gemini), but sometimes they can be found between earth and water signs (aquarius/pisces). A transit by itself isn’t stressful, but when there are two or three transiting planets at once (especially if they’re aspecting each other), things get pretty intense for some people.

Sextiles occur when planets are 60 degrees apart in your natal chart. This is a neutral aspect and is similar to a square. It signifies balance between the energies of the planets involved. If you had Mars sextile Jupiter, for example, then you would have an equal amount of fiery passion and creative power as you do intellectual knowledge. Sextiles

For example, if you had Mars-Pluto sextiling, then you would have a lot of passion and intensity in your life, but you would also have a tendency to lose yourself in your feelings

There isn’t really any downside to having a sextile aspect except that it doesn’t usually provide enough energy to create big shifts in life. A planet forming a sextile tends to be easy and compatible, which means there isn’t often any dramatic change from one day to another.

So let’s say you want to know what kind of relationship you’ll have with someone who’s born under the sign Capricorn. Well, first you’d need to figure out where those planets are currently positioned in the sky. This can be done using an online calculator like AstroCalc, which allows you to plug in the birth date of the person you’re interested in along with the current positions of the sun, moon, and planets.

3. Trines

A trine is the easiest of the major aspects because it’s basically a happy medium. It’s a harmonious relationship between two planets that’s neither too friendly nor too unfriendly. When two planets are in a trine, they’re both pretty chill and don’t necessarily want to get into a fight with each other. This aspect is usually seen as a great thing, it can help us connect with others and make friends easily.

Earth signs form a trine with fire signs, because when the earth gives, the fire ignites. Air signs form a trine to water signs, because the wind blows away the clouds and clears the way for the sun.

Trines reflect a harmonious relationship between the planets, and can be seen as a peaceful connection between them

The next aspect is the trine. Trines occur when two planets are 10-20 degrees apart from each other. In general, this aspect is considered positive as it signifies an energetic connection between the planets. It can also signify a harmonious relationship between the planets. When you have a trine, you will feel balanced and energized by the interaction of the planets. For example, if you have Mercury trining Jupiter, you are likely to be creative, intelligent, and communicative.

4. Square □

The square is the circle cut into pieces. It represents a conflict between the two planets. There is no blending or fusion; instead, there is a struggle for dominance. If the two planets are working together, then the relationship is harmonious. But if the planets are at odds, then the relationship is strained. This aspect is often associated with arguments, disagreements, and even fights. The square aspect is dynamic, and it tends to push people toward action.

Square aspects are the most active aspects because they mark the beginning of a process. They represent a need to express something through action. This aspect is often used to describe situations where there is a conflict between two opposing forces, such as when two people are at odds with each other. If both parties are willing to compromise, then the situation can be resolved. If one party is unwilling to give up something, then the situation may become difficult.

A negative aspect, squares occur when planets are 120 degrees apart. This creates an uncomfortable and sometimes even hostile relationship between the signs. “When one planet is square another, it tends to be a bit more intense and challenging,” Maree explained. “It’s important to note that while there is no easy way out of a square aspect, it does offer opportunities for growth and change. We can use this energy to become stronger versions of ourselves.”

5. Opposition ☍

Opposition means that two planets are directly opposed to one another, which happens when they’re both in direct conflict. When planets are in signs of similar modalities (such as two different elements), then their cycles will tend to synchronize. For example, if Jupiter is in Leo, Mercury will likely be in Virgo. If Saturn is in Capricorn, Mars will typically fall into Aquarius. And so forth. In terms of the concept of a seesaw, this aspect represents the idea of finding the right balance between the two parts of yourself (the Moon) and letting them both be equally important without giving too much weight to either part.

If you’re looking to learn more about yourself and how astrology might be able to help you understand your personality better, it’s probably a good idea to first get familiar with the basics of the five major aspects. If you want to know which ones apply to you personally, check out your personal astrological report. It’ll tell you what aspects you’re currently experiencing, along with which ones may be coming into play soon.

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