France is the world’s first finalist Russia 2018 with a 1-0 win over Belgium


France and Belgium played by world Russia 2018. Samuel Umtiti gave the pass to the Gauls in a disputed match in St. Petersburg.
A lethal head of Samuel Umtiti at the dawn of the second time was enough to seal the French passport to the third final of its history in the World Cup, by imposing on Tuesday 1-0 Bélgica.


Samuel Umtiti’s headed winner has returned France to the FIFA World Cup™ Final for the third time in 20 years, sealing a 1-0 win over Belgium in Saint Petersburg. Source: FIFA

In a corner kick executed by Antoine Griezmann at 51 minutes, Umtiti managed to anticipate Marouane Fellaini, custodian of the first suit. The defender of Barcelona jumped and toppled him in the nose larger Thibaut Courtois, who merely raised his hands in a fruitless attempt to prevent the ball entering the nets.

And for the umpteenth time in this World Cup, a stopped ball play turned out to be crucial. This time he defined a finalist, and France will clash on Sunday for the title in Moscow with England or Croatia, which measured in the other semifinal, this Wednesday and also in the Russian capital.

In the first final of its history, France was crowned as a hostess in 1998, thanks to a landslide by 3-0 on Brazil, on that night in which Ronaldo mysteriously lost its superpowers. In Germany 2006, it succumbed by penalties to Italy, after the infamous header that received Marco Materazzi and which meant the expulsion of Zinedine Zidane and its farewell of the worldwide ones.

MIN 50. Samuel Umtiti put first France on Belgium. Corner shot and Frentazo to mark for the Gauls.

The French did nothing but radicalize the strategy that each team had shown in the first time: a more aggressive Belgium and a France that was betting against it.

Slapped, the Red Devils hurled themselves in a runaway way in search of the tie. Les Bleus, they organized themselves better back and bet on some quick transition that would allow them to expand the scoreboard.

But perhaps because of despair or maybe the fatigue that led to a contested encounter at a very dynamic pace, the Belgian approximations were generating less and fewer dangers.

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