06 Fruits to Increase your Sexual Stamina for Men Naturally

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Let’s talk about sex.

There are fruits that in addition to providing benefits to our health make us naturally increase our sexual appetite but how to increase sexual stamina? they work directly in our pelvic organs, i.e., in the gonads, producing more hormones, helping to have higher potency Sexual, it knows the fruits aphrodisiac infallible that help sexually in men so they have a good performance in the intimacy.





A frequent concern among men is how good are they in privacy? Or sexual performance gets to satisfy his partner.
There are many secrets for knights to increase sexual stamina, their potency when making love, like pills or exercises, but what they do not know is that naturally and consuming certain fruits could improve their experience in sex



We reveal fruits to increase stamina in bed for men naturally these aphrodisiac fruits and their benefits are:


•-blackberries: Without a place to doubt, it will become the favorite fruit for those gentlemen who suffer from erection problems, because it contains flavonoids (improves the blood circulation) to improve sexual performance.


•- Figs: From the time of the Greeks or Romans was consumed to increase sexual stamina desire for both men and women. It is also known to be an excellent ally for fertility and enhance sexual performance.


•-Watermelon: Composed by citrulline, a compound that facilitates and extends the erection time for sexually long time, according to a study of the University of Texas A&M.

how to increase stamina in bed

•-Passionfruit: Known as ‘ the fruits of passion,’ according to various experts in sexuality because their daily consumption not only gives you protein but could decrease the globulin, a hormone that eliminates sex hormones.

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•-Peach: It has a high content of vitamin C, extends the life of the sperm, also keeps the male reproductive organ more erect.

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• Bananas: Bananas have potassium that helps the muscle contractions needed for orgasm, plus it has magnesium that helps to relax and sugar that is energy to increase stamina in bed.

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BONUS: for foods that make you last longer in bed

– Kiwi: This fruit is for those who arrive very tired at the end of the day. It has properties to improve your mood and will give you more energies to increase sexual stamina in bed

– Strawberry: Although it does not have a component that helps in the sexual field. According to various surveys conducted by the University of Rochester, people relate this fruit to sex.

– Chocolate: The chocolate has an aphrodisiac power that gives pleasure because to put a little chocolate in the mouth you will feel that all your palate filled with a pleasant sensation,
because it has two essential components the phenylethylamine (the natural drug that produces love) That what it does is generate dopamine and also theobromine that helps to produce tryptophan that is what gives us happiness.

– Maca: a natural male enhancement foods, Maca improves in 180 percent the libido, in addition to a 200% increase in fertility. you can consume as vitamins to increase sex drive.

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