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Astrology and Spirituality

Spirituality is the inner life. The expressions and practices of spirituality are personal; it is how you understand the world and the universe within you. Spirituality does not imply being religious. In fact, many consider themselves very spiritual and not at all religious. Being spiritual does not mean that you are a member of a church, a temple, or an organized religious group, even though many people channel their spiritual needs through religion. The way in which you connect your spirituality is a decision solely yours.

What is the purpose and meaning of life? Why are we here? Why is there so much suffering in such a beautiful world? What connection do we have with nature? What does the future hold for us as individuals and as a society? What do you believe in most deeply?

These are questions that help to understand spirituality and everything that spirituality helps us to answer in this Category Astrology and Spirituality.


Dating and Relationship

We all know that on a dating app people are looking for someone. But looking for what exactly? That question can have very different answers. A future partner with whom to build a family, a fairy-tale romance, or just an adventure?


Travel Site

They say that “those who do not travel die slowly” and it is that traveling rekindles the mind. It makes us learn about other cultures, get to know ourselves, and be aware of the world around us. Traveling we get out of the routine, the familiar, we leave the problems behind


Movie Review

what is a movie review? it consists of giving in writing our opinion about a movie, a restaurant, a concert … but in this category, we are going to focus on giving the opinion about a movie,



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